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Tapping The Healer Within


WE'VE REACHED THE "hands-on" portion of the program. it's finally time to put the algorithms to work -- to use the "recipes" that can produce rapid and lasting healing of your emotional distress, and even your physical discomfort. Whether you've been struggling with this problem for weeks or for most of your lifetime, these algorithms have the power to eradicate it in minutes. like a skilled surgeon with steady hands and a fine-tuned scalpel, you can use the algorithms to excise the distress that has disrupted your life for so long.

Each algorithm is composed of a series of tapping maneuvers and other steps that need to be followed carefully. The recipe for every problem is unique and has been carefully formulated and tested for that specific condition.  Though many of the same tapping maneuvers appear in one algorithm after another, the selection and sequence of steps vary from one recipe to the next. the algorithm for ANXIETY is different from the one for ANGER; the algorithm for DEPRESSION is different from the one for OBSSESION.

Turn to the particular disorder you'd like to treat, and before actually using the algorithm, read through it from beginning to end. Become completely familiar with it. If you'd like, isolate each step and try it out. Tap at the edge of the eyebrow. Tap under the eye. Find the "collarbone point" and practice tapping it. once you become comfortable with each step, you're ready to implement the entire algorithm.

To enjoy the recipe's full benefits,

Frequently Asked Questions about Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

The healing world of Callahan Techniques® and Thought Field Therapy® spawned the beginnings of many therapies, often collectively called Energy Psychology.

TFT is often confused with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and other tapping therapies, as they make the promise of a simplified version of Roger Callahan's tapping therapy... unfortunately, we have learned that there are different sequences for differing problems, as the bodies energy field reacts to TFT algorithms in different ways.

Most tapping techniques have a basis in the original form of Thought Field Therapy, and together have all performed a tremendous service to improve the effectiveness of alternative healing and the field of psychology.
 TFT is world-renowned as the authoritive source of tapping therapy - we are active in countries such as Rwanda and also are working with soldiers returning home from battle. 
We offer programs for those wanting to treat themselves, and we also offer programs that will benefit you as a TFT practitioner. Thought Field Therapy has created a number of new and ground-breaking training programs to help other meridian energy tapping practitioners make the transition To TFT. 
As many practicing and receiving benefit from these newer therapies may not be aware of the history and the underpinnings of their beginnings, we have created this brief history and time-line guide of how Dr. Roger Callahan Founded TFT Meridian Energy Tapping.
In this guide, there is a short list of some of the numerous versions of energy therapies, having their beginnings in TFT. The very fact that there are so many versions, varieties and methods and that they are all effective to varying degrees, and have helped over a million people worldwide, is testament to the power of the original, Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  
A therapy, which can be copied, tweaked, and adjusted by different practitioners all over the world, with each version remaining effective, and doing no harm, demonstrates the true underlying power and simplicity
 While all of the various methods and ideas have developed over the years, TFT has also been a dynamic, constantly changing and improving modality. We welcome all EFT practitioners and those of the various energy based therapies into our TFT family and friends.  
We have provided a simple time line and history of development of TFT for your understanding, and as a way to ease TFT into your knowledge and practice of meridian energy tapping.
Together we can be a much stronger force
for change and improvement in the world of healing.
1.What is Thought Field Therapy® (TFT)?
 Tapping Into Nature's Healing System
Over 20 Years in Development - Thought Field
Therapy (TFT) is the procedure that provides a
code to nature's healing system, when applied to
problems, addresses their fundamental causes,
balancing the body's energy system and allowing
you to eliminate most negative emotions within

This Code is elicited through TFT's unique
assessment procedures.

"When I observe a number of suffering patients
who did not respond to our usual treatment
modalities, suddenly get better after TFT
algorithms are given, I don't need a double-blind
controlled study to tell me the value of TFT"                   
...James McKoy, MD Chief, Pain Clinic, Chief
Rheumatology Service Assistant Chief,
Neuroscience Department, Kaiser Permanente,
Hawaii region
"The power and beauty of TFT VT is truly
awesome. Even though I have experienced it time
and again I am constantly amazed at the healing
that takes place through TFT in areas that other
therapies could hardly effect at all, much less
with the speed and thoroughness of TFT. I
believe that nothing so powerful, effective,
predictable, and reproducible has ever taken place
in healing and self-development." 
....Mary L. Cowley, PhD, TFT VT Thought Field
Therapy by Voice Carlsbad, CA
2.Why should I want to learn TFT?
  • Brief self-help with rapid, measurable
  • High success with most problems or negative
  • Works with any age from very young
children to the elderly
  • Effective help without the pain or
retraumatization or reliving of past problems
3.Who can use and learn TFT?
 Parents • Counselors • Clergy • Educators •
Employers • Business executives • Policemen
& Firemen • Massage Therapists •
Healthcare professionals • Social Workers •
Traders/Brokers • And anyone in a high stress
4.What do professionals say about TFT?
 "It is beyond amazing. I have never seen any
treatment so powerful." ...Dr. Martin Swartz,
Research Associate Professor,

New York University Medical School.

"I have received ongoing feedback from many of
the doctors and psychologists who have
incorporated your techniques into their practice,
and comments like 'extraordinary success with
the Callahan Techniques in my most chronic,
difficult-to-treat cases...' " ... Dr. Lee Pulos,
President, Canadian Society of Clinical


"One of the most effective and most powerful
for quick clinical relief and help - and the idea of
psychological reversal is one of the major
discoveries in psychology?"
..Gary Emery, Ph.D.,
Co-author, "Anxiety Disorders and Phobias:

A Cognitive Perspective"

"TFT is extraordinarily powerful, in that clients
receive nearly immediate relief from their
suffering and the treatment appears to be
permanent... it does not require the client to talk
about their troubles, something that often causes
more emotional pain and discourages many from
seeking treatment... it is extremely efficient (fast
and long lasting)." ...Charles Figley PhD,
Professor and Director, Psychosocial Stress

Research Program and Clinical Laboratory,
Florida State University.

"I asked my problem patients to try your
technique and in one week it has proven 100%
successful for those who have used it."
...David Kerchner,
Hollywood Weight Loss Centre, Ellwood,

Philadelphia, USA

"I have recommended and used Dr. Callahan's
Five Minute Phobia Cure in my Self-Esteem
seminars for many years. Now, his new Stop the
Nightmares of Trauma provides us with a simple,
self-help technique for past traumas. This
revolutionary approach brings us one giant step
closer to reducing the suffering of trauma victims
throughout the world."
...Jack Canfield, Co-Author,

"Chicken Soup for the Soul®" Series

"I find it exceedingly rapid and applicable to a
wide variety of patients." 
...Dr. Patricia Carrington,
Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry,

Rutgers Medical School.

"If it had been a horse race, which the
investigators as well as the innovators were all at
pains to deny, the TFT contingent would have
won, hands down. Requiring virtually nothing in
the way of personal interaction, TFT can bypass
all that tedious therapeutic business of joining,
empathy, history taking, reprocessing and the
like, and zero in on the problem immediately at
hand. With 10-minute treatments not at all
unusual?" ...Mary Sykes Wylie, Ph.D.,
Senior Editor, "The Family Therapy

Networker, July/Aug, 1996."
"For 25 years I have treated American war
veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress
Disorder. I have witnessed gallant efforts to keep
a job, be members of a family, overcome
homelessness and resist the temptation of suicide
... I am very grateful to Dr. Callahan for his
discovery of Thought Field Therapy. For too
long a time, my patients and I have yearned for
something like this. In my opinion, this gentle
action technique is easily the best approach to
thorough and enduring relief from this crippling
psychological disorder." ...Carl Johnson, PhD,
Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, American

Board of Professional Psychology,
Program for Homeless Veterans, Martinsburg,

West Virginia
"I have been trained in a traditional medical, psychiatric, psychoanalytic and psychopharmacological model and I can state clearly - If I had only one therapy to use it would be Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy. It's the best therapy in history!"
...Luanne Ruona, MD, Director, Center for Holistic Therapy, Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA

"This (training) was a pinnacle for me. It expanded, reviewed and integrated what I had already learned and provided many new things for me to learn"
...Rita Weinberg, PhD, Professor of Psychology at National-Louis University, Wheeling Campus, Wheeling, Illinois

"TFT is not just the most powerful tool in traumatic stress reduction; IT SAVES LIVES. I have used TFT to intervene with a suicidal client and it worked. Thank you Dr. Callahan for sharing this with the world."
...Bruce Ramsay, CTR, CISM, Program Director, First Nations? Emergency Services Society of B.C.

"What's fascinating about TFT is it's quick, painless and its success rate is almost unbelievable... anywhere from 80-97%... which is really unheard of in the field of mental health in any type of treatment over this whole century." ...Shad Meshad, President,
National Veterans Foundation and Founder / Author
of the National Veterans Centre Programme, USA

"Using your technique I was able to help, in minutes, 10 nervous executives speak... (in public) ...with no trace of their former fear." Dr. Christopher Hegarty,
Renowned and Award-winning Speaker / Trainer.

"Here we have patients and family members going through acute and chronic medical, surgical and psychiatric problems. I am using Callahan Techniques on a daily basis for rapid treatment of trauma of various kinds. These rapid treatments are far superior to traditional crisis intervention techniques in that the client / patient receives amelioration of the problem in minutes rather than days, weeks or months." ... Dr. M. Marie Green,
Clinical Social Worker, McKay-Dee Hospital, Ogden, Utah, USA.
5.How Can TFT Benefit Me? What Kind of Problems Can Be Helped?
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Personal fears or your children's fears
  • Anger and Frustration
  • Eating or smoking or drinking problems
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Social or public speaking fears
  • Sexual or intimacy problems
  • Travel anxiety including fear of flying or driving on the freeways
  • Nail biting
  • Cravings
  • Low moods and mood swings
6.What is the difference between Steps A & B Training and the algorithm (recipe) level self-help tape and book products?
 The algorithms or recipes provided in most of our self-help books and tapes are common patterns that work on about 80% of simple problems. Steps A & B contain the Callahan Techniques® TFT special assessment procedures for helping with more difficult and varying problems. They teach the very same assessment procedures that were used to identify the common algorithms and allow you to work more effectively on even difficult and complex problems.
"Conventional psychotherapy is like carpet bombing - time consuming, wasteful of resources and usually misses the target. TFT causal diagnosis is like a laser guided missile - it hits the target 95% of the time - and never causes collateral damage". .....Dr Colin M. Barron M. B. Ch.B., FRSH, BSCMEH, Glasgow, Scotland
"Causal diagnosis is like debugging the basic programming codes of a software program so it can run optimally." .....Caroline Sakai, PhD, TFTdx, VT, Honolulu, HA
"With TFT's unique causal diagnosis the therapist can zero in to the most basic causes of a psychological problem quickly and effectively and in almost all cases eliminates the psychological symptoms related to the problem in a very short period of time." ....Suzanne Connolly, CISW
"Causal Diagnosis is as simple and as powerful as knowing the correct telephone number". ....Pauline Bosch, MA, TFTdx, Co. Meath, Ireland

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Living Sabbaths

The Old Testament recorded the Fourth Commandment begins; "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the lord thy God" (Exodus 20) Whatever your religious or non-religious orientation , the instruction to keep one day, the seventh, a week "holy"  is worth contemplating. With the Sabbath, we learn how to consecrate sanctuaries that emerge from the magnificent stream of a year. These sanctuaries exist in time, not place. rather than building physical monuments, the Sabbaths are our great cathedrals. The regular sanctification of a period of time is a core spiritual challenge. Not a mere "interlude" in the week, the Sabbath is, rather, considered "the climax of living." The Sabbath can be liken to "a palace in time, a dimension in which the human is at home with the divine . . . a window in eternity. What more worthy challenge than to create a sanctified period each week where time as measured in the workaday would ceases and life is infused with the sacred?

  The Sabbath also reminds human beings of the need to rest. "In six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day He rested, and was refreshed" (Exodus 31;17). Emphasis on the "rest and refresh" dimension of the Sabbath : In our human bodies, the heart perceptibly rests after each life-giving beat; the human lungs rest between the exhale and the inhale. We have lost this essential  rhythm . . .Because we do not rest, we lose our way . . .  we bypass the nourishment that would give us succor. we miss the quiet that would give us wisdom. We miss the joy and love born of effortless delight. the Sabbath's rest is not merely to refresh yourself for the next round of labour. It is to observe the Sabbath is to celebrate the coronation of a day in the spiritual wonderland of time. With the Sabbath, emotions of joy and delight are evoked as gateways into the heavenly realm.

In Closing

The Energies of Love has taken me and you on a journey through the biochemical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of love, always with and eye on the vital role our bodies' energies play in each. we show you how core differences in organizing information and managing conflict are based on Energetic Stress Styles that are inborn and underlie many of our psychological differences. We explore energy techniques that can change the course of arguments that could be devastating to the energies of our partnership. We learn energy techniques for healing old emotional wounds, defusing triggers, addressing resentments, bridging differences, and cultivating skills for successful bonding and living a shared life. We see how sexual union in nature's energy medicine for couples and how, by staying attune to our own and our partner's energies, we can keep our sexual relationship vital and blossom. We sense into the multilayered energies connecting body and soul that allow a deeper love to grow out of conscious partnering and fostering our relationship as a spiritual journey. For the two of us, garnering these lovely lessons has been an amazing tide and tide, and we thank you and ourselves for allowing us this lovely and amazing privilege and rare opportunity of sharing them with the world. may the energies of love smile on all your days.

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Bama Yao Ethnic Autonomous County

 In remote, mountainous, semi-tropical Bama County in China, it is customary for families to make a coffin for any relative who has reached the age of 60. Yet most coffins have rotted away long before they are needed and often end up being used to store corn instead of their designated elder. One 105-year-old who was visited by journalists in 2010 joked about the coffin made for her in 1958, which she can break into pieces with her hand. Another 116-year-old was reported to have seen four coffins decay before she was finally ready for the fifth.

For the truth is that the Bama people are some of the most vibrantly healthy, long-lived people in the world, with exceptionally high numbers of active, disease-free nonogenarians, centenarians and super-centenarians. A 2000 census recorded 74 centenarians amongst the population of 238,000, which is close to Okinawan levels. Studies show that only ten percent of nonogenarians in Bama have coronary heart disease and only four percent have excess blood lipids, whilst cancer incidence is a mere 4.4 people per 10,000.

The curative properties of Bama are legendary in China, with visitors coming from all over the country to soak them in. First, there is the vast, clear, Panyang river flowing through the valley with its mineral-rich water to bathe in and drink. Secondly, the Bama air, which is of just the right warmth and humidity year round, is known to be extremely high in negative ions and oxygen, thus creating a sense of exhilaration in those who breathe it. Bama also has high geomagnetism, said to benefit circulation, lower blood pressure and regulate the body’s ion balance. Throw in breathtaking scenery (so good for the spirits), an exemplary diet, and certain key lifestyle practices of the local people and you have a perfect storm of pro-health, pro-longevity conditions.

Bama people are themselves aware of the health-giving properties of their diet and lifestyle. The visitor is usually offered a bowl of ‘longevity soup’, made with hemp oil, an oil rich in both omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids which are crucial for perfect health. Bama people also believe their Fragrant Pig, lean and organic, and Oil Fish from the Panyang River, to be ‘treasures of longevity’. Loving relationships, hard work and good deeds are all considered to be conducive to good health, and Bama also boasts a large golden board donated by a former emperor bearing the legend ‘Love Makes Longevity.’

Longevity Village in Bama, Guangxi, has undergone rapid development in the past few years as tourists come to discover the secrets of long life. 

Thick stands of bamboo, graceful eucalyptus and glossy chestnut trees line the road into Bama. Its stunning karst landscape is pierced by caverns and rises into steep crags.

"Even in winter it's not cold at all. The mountains are beautiful and the river is the colour of jade," said Dai Guifang, 65, who runs a construction firm in north-eastern China. "The air is very good. I feel uncomfortable if I smoke even half a cigarette in Shenyang – but in Bama I'm fine if I smoke a pack a day." Her late husband spent his last few months here. She believes the stay prolonged his life and reduced the pain of his stomach cancer. "A lot of people were sick but got better after living there – it's the water. It has a lot of minerals," she said.

Most tourists drink the waters and the bolder ones bathe in it, with mixed results. Some have drowned, report residents. Further up the valley, scores of middle-aged and elderly people perch on rocks in the gloom of the giant Baimo cavern. A few stand with their faces turned to giant boulders, pressing their hands to the stone. This is geomagnetic therapy, they say, enthusing about its beneficial effect on the heart, the brain and even varicose veins.

Cui Xuedong, 58, pulled up his shirt to show the scar across his torso; he had just had a second round of surgery for liver cancer. He was sceptical when a neighbour urged him to try Bama but said the impact was unmistakable: "After 30-odd days my face was rosy again. When I arrived I felt exhausted every afternoon, whatever I did in the morning. Soon I could swim a kilometre and still kick a shuttlecock around."

He has now moved to Bama and runs an organisation bringing city dwellers to the area, while his wife exports hundreds of tonnes of its water.

Cui believes the area's geomagnetism and negatively charged oxygen ions are as important as its relaxed, modest lifestyle. Experts scorn that and see simpler explanations for the town's longevity: in large part, poverty and isolation.

Yang Ze, deputy director of the Institute of Geriatrics at Beijing hospital, began researching Bama's secret in the mid-90s. One key, he said, is natural selection. The area is remote and mountainous. In the old days, it took three days to leave the hills, so there was relatively little mixing with the outside world. In tough conditions, without medical treatment, the strong genes remained; the weak were eliminated.

In particular, he said, Bama residents have mostly inherited a gene from both parents that helps the body to produce a protein called apolipoprotein-E. That combines with fats to form a lipoprotein that reduces excess cholesterol.

Lifestyle played a part, too. People worked hard in the fields. Much of their food was steamed, not fried. When Yang first arrived, they ate "rice porridge with a bit of salt, and hemp oil", and seldom consumed meat. Old people were surrounded by relatives. "They were not lonely and were happy. They were calm, had fewer desires, did not compete, and were more optimistic," Yang said.

Now the area's new-found popularity is destroying its very attractions. "The new residents bring a Beijing lifestyle to Bama. They shout in the mountains; they turn up the music to do exercise in the morning," he added.

Hammers and drills disturb the once-tranquil scene thanks to the soaring demand for rented property. Cars clog the narrow streets, pumping out fumes. Residents complain the river is polluted because visitors dump rubbish and because the sewage systems cannot cope with so many people. These days, the young prosper by selling goods to tourists rather than by labouring. And the eldest can sit at home, on a couch, and wait for red envelopes.

As the area has grown wealthier and less isolated, it has also grown less healthy. Bama is a microcosm of China: its burst of development made its shift from diseases of poverty to those of affluence even more pronounced.

"The centenarians eat braised pork every day. Since they have got richer, their diet has been changing," Yang said. "Last time I was there, I told them problems such as high blood sugar and high blood pressure were appearing in this village, and that if they were not careful, it would lead to death. They did not listen to me and despised [my advice]. They said they had just started to get rich, and we were trying to stop them."

In 2005 there were 17 or 18 people aged over 100, but these days there are just two, he thinks – not seven, as the village claims. An Italian, aged 111, is officially the world's oldest man.

Yang believes Bama could soon lose all its centenarians. Not only are the next generation likely to have shorter lives, even those who are already elderly are unlikely to reach 100, he suggests. But having struggled for years to feed themselves, Bama's elderly see little to lament in this new world of plenty. "In my time there were a lot of wars. A lot of people starved to death. A lot of people were hungry," ruminated Huang Puxin.

"I have had a lot of happy times, but the best is now," observed Huang Makan, a few houses down, with a flash of her exquisite smile.

A tiny figure in a padded jacket, with a jade bracelet on each wrist, she says that she is 108, has never had a day's sickness, and enjoys the constant company. "Many people come to see me. I hope I live until 200," she confided.

How they did it?

Living a long life, Bama-style, according to those who have managed it:

Huang Puxin, 113: Be a good person. Have a good heart.

Huang Makan, 108: Eat green, organic, simple foods. I eat sweetcorn congee a lot. I don't have many demands.

Huang Meijian, 99: Work and walk around every day.

Dr Yang Ze's (strinkingly similar) advice
1. Treat yourself and others well, be more tolerant to yourself and others, be optimistic. Love life, love your family, have love to offer to people and be open-minded.

2. Have a healthy lifestyle. Neither eat too much nor stay hungry. Keep your diet bland. Eat more vegetables and fruits, and less protein and carbohydrates.

3. Do more exercise. All centenarians help themselves and do everything by themselves … They go farming in the mountains, they cook for themselves.

4. Bama women have children late: they give birth to their first baby at 27 and the last baby is usually around 42 or 43.

At 115, Boxin Huang is the oldest resident of China’s Bapan Village, also called Longevity Village. But he's not extraordinary there, where many live long past 100 years.

Cardiologist John Day, MD, of Intermountain Healthcare in Murray, Utah, visited Bapan and the Chinese centenarians and learned fascinating lessons about healthy living and healthy hearts, ones he shares with his own patients.

“Most people think it’s their genes, but the data don’t support it,” Dr. Day says about the Bapan centenarians. Research on about 3,000 pairs of twins who had identical DNA — the same genes — but as adults had different home environments and life choices, showed that only 25 percent of their longevity was due to genes. The other 75 percent was affected by lifestyle. Things within your control can make all the difference in lifespan.

I'll Have Vegetables With That

“In Longevity Village, the fascinating thing is that they eat vegetables as part of all three meals, even breakfast,” Day noticed. The food groups consistently associated with a healthy heart and long life are fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes, and fish, Day says. He found that in Bapan, vegetables were always a main course. They ate a lot of fruits, nuts, and legumes as well.

“The diet we eat is absolutely critical,” says Day. He points to data from the California Seventh-Day Adventist study. Researchers tracked an extra seven years of life for men and four years for women, among more than 34,000 people who maintained a healthy diet, were active, and didn’t smoke.

Legumes — a food group that include beans, peas, and lentils — are a central part of the Bapan diet. “The longest-lived cultures use beans as a regular part of their diet,” Day observes. In Okinawa, Japan, for example — among the countries with the highest longevity rates — legumes are a regular part of the diet. Average life expectancy for people born today in Japan is the highest in the world, currently 84 years, according to the World Health Organization. In the United States, it's 81 years for women and 76 for men, according to an October 2014 study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Exercise? No. Movement? Yes!

The rural area of Bapan has no exercise culture, Day says. In fact, in Longevity Village, the elders laughed at him when he asked if they exercised, because “they were outside, moving their bodies all day.” On his visits to the area, most recently in 2013, he found people of all ages engaged in physical activities like farming. Everything was done by hand because this remote area had no access to mechanical equipment like power tools until very recently and, Day adds, no televisions or computers.

Research data also show that people who stay physically active get extra years of life. In a Taiwan study of more than 400,000 people, researchers found active people enjoyed an extra three years of life. They needed only a bare minimum of physical activity to prolong life — 15 minutes each day. The reason relates, in part, to heart health.

“It’s often said in the cardiology community that you are only as old as your arteries. If your arteries age, it wears out your brain, heart, and even kidneys,” Day explains. This is because by being physically active, you can slow the buildup of plaque in your arteries – and keep your heart and body healthy a lot longer.

Connect More, Stress Less, Live Longer

If you look at countries where people live longest, most are places where elders are revered. “In Longevity Village, 74 percent of the centenarians in the county lived in four- to five-generation homes, all under the same roof,” says Day. “They always ask the oldest person for advice; always serve them first at every meal.” Grandparents are very involved with the family and especially with child rearing. This social support has tremendous health benefits.

Only 25 percent of longevity is in the genes; the other 75 percent is lifestyle.

“Study after study shows the more social support, the longer people live. People have better survival when they are socially connected,” says Day. “Having a sense of purpose can significantly increase your longevity.” Research shows that men and women with stronger social relationships have a 50 percent higher likelihood of surviving longer, according to a review of studies including 308,000 participants.

In contrast to the U.S. experience, where youth is prized and prominent in advertising images, in Longevity Village, advertisements featured the oldest people. “They become a celebrity when they reach the 100-year mark,” says Day.

Stress is becoming increasingly challenging in our society, says Day. In his experience, “80 percent of emergency room visits are stress triggered.” Life is stressful, but it’s how you deal with it that matters. Too often we live isolated lives, and even our diet causes a buildup of stress we need to diffuse, he explains.

Connection matters. In Longevity Village he found a connection to nature, to the earth, to family and friends, community, and food. Day says, “Even their food was connected and in a natural state. The fish they caught in the stream they ate later that same day; the vegetables they harvested in their garden they ate that day.”

Simple Secrets to a Long Life

The people living in Longevity Village are a five-hour bus ride away from the rest of civilization, so air pollution is not a problem there, at least not yet. But even here, you can take steps to ensure your air is as clean as possible. If you smoke, stop. And invest in an air filter if you need to, says Day.

“I cannot overstate the importance of breathing clean air,” he adds. This is on the top of his list, along with five more directives:

~Be physically active
~Eat a healthy diet
~Get restorative sleep.
~Manage your stress.
~Be socially connected.

Day believes you can have the best of both worlds, by making conscious choices that are healthy for your heart and beneficial for a long life. He and his family have learned a lot from Longevity Village, says Day: “We’re definitely going back.”

Hundreds of years ago, the emperors of imperial China ordered the vast resources of their empire focused on the pursuit of xian xue, the "science of longevity." What they uncovered is a secret open to anyone interested in better health—that living longer and having more energy is as easy as moving, breathing, and eating.

Chinese Secrets of Health and Longevity instructs you in these original strategies for maximum energy and life span. Based on the concept of "correspondence," Chinese medicine sees a vital link between your environment, your daily habits, and your health. By making simple adjustments in your diet and lifestyle, you can feel more alive every minute of the day, perform better at work, and have more energy for enjoying life.

In China, the most successful doctors are those who treat the fewest patients. They "treat" people with natural, noninvasive techniques before illness develops. Join Dr. Bob Flaws, one of the Western world's leading authorities on Chinese healing, and learn how easy it is to master these simple, life-changing health strategies. Topics include:

Diet—how to eat for maximum energy and immunity from disease
Lifestyle—regulating your daily activities, including sleep, sex, and exercise, into a balanced whole, proven to fight illness
Stress reduction—meditations and exercises for relaxation and emotional balance
Exercise—graceful chi kung exercises to gently unblock and energize your body's chi (life force)

Chinese Secrets of Health and Longevity presents a uniquely practical prescription for total wellness that will keep you out of the doctor's office, and in the best health of your life.

Chinese Secrets of Health and Longevity Bob Flaws

In China, the most successful doctors are those who treat the fewest patients. They "treat" people with natural, non invasive techniques before illness develops. On Chinese Secrets of Health and Longevity, Dr. Bob Flaws, one of the Western world’s leading authorities on Chinese healing, teaches a complete 12-session curriculum on these proven, life-changing health strategies. Topics include: Diets to build energy and immunity; meditations for relaxation and emotional balance; qigong exercises to unblock the body’s qi (life force); and much more.

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Listen , Your Poop Is 'Talking' to You

Whether you talk about your poop or not, is no big deal. But know for a fact that your poop talks to you every time. So listen up and be in the know.

Talk 1: If your poop is ... so Explosive, Liquid, and of seaweed dark green colour.

Poop may mean:  You have a Clostridium difficile (C.diff.) infection. It's becoming more common and usually occurs after a course of antibiotics. C.diff is a normal part of the flora in your digestive tract, but taking antibiotics drugs can kill off the good friendly bacteria that normally keeps C.diff in check. As a result, the good bacteria may proliferate uncontrollably and cause serious stomach health issues that can lead to dehydration, hospitalization, and in extreme cases may even be deadly. So the quick remedy is to drink at least two glasees of water (230 ml glass size) every 30 hours period. Call your doctor immediately, if still in severe pain. If you are still taking a course of antibiotics, find out if you should stop.

Talk 2:  If your poop is ... pencil-thin size.

Poop may mean: You're constipated, or be an indication of rectal cancer. If you notice pencil-thin stool for a day or two, it's probably not an issue. It may occurif you're constipated and straining a lot, which prevents the muscles in the anal sphincter from opening and can narrow the passage way stool comes out. Adding more water and fresh fruit s daily can help. But if the pencil-thin poop is ongoing for a week, it could indicate rectal cancer. With rectal cancer, the tumor is fixed and rigid and encircles the rectum so there's less space for stool to squeeze through so it appears very thin and stringy. Remedy for this situation is drink water regularly.

Talk 3: If your poop is ... Smells like sulfur or rotten eggs and you have diarrhea.

Poop may mean: Youcoiuld have giardia. The parasite tends to hang out in fresh water, so if you went swimming in lake, have gone camping , or drank unpurified water recently, you may have picked up the bug along the way. The issue here isn't always as obvious as you may think. You could have diarrhea for weeks or even months, but otherwise feel fine. Your doctor can run a 'stool sample test' to diagnose it, and certain medicine can treat it. Meanwhile always remember to drink enough water every 90 minutes-interval with a pinch of natural seasalt on your tongue.

Talk 4: If your poop ... floats instead of sinking.

Poop may mean: You have excess gas in your digestive tract. If you've been eating lots or too much beans, sprouts, cabbage, or very large meals per sitting, it's perfectly normal for stool to float because of gass, and it's not a cause for over concern. However, if floaters poop become more common than a week for you or you spot an oil-slick appearance, it could mean something is preventing your body's ability to absorb fats from food. Inflammation or an infection in your pancreas could prevent you from producing enough digestive enzymes. A food allergy or infection could be damaging the lining of your intestines that's affecting absorption, too. Do a stool sample test to see if there's fat that shouldn't be there. Exercise and drink more water can help this situation.


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