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About the Book:
Diabetes has become a seemingly unstoppable national epidemic, affecting more than twenty million Americans. Conventional wisdom calls it incurable, but renowned Dr.
Gabriel Cousens counters that claim with this breakthrough book. There Is a Cure for Diabetes lays out a three-week plan for reversing the negative genetic expression of
diabetes to a physiology of health and well-being. Dr. Cousens’s method, widely tested at his famous Tree of Life centers, is to reset the DNA through green juice fasting and a 100% organic, nutrient-dense, vegan, low-glycemic, low-insulin-scoring, and high mineral diet of living foods in the first twenty-one days.

Both practical and inspirational, the book explains how to abandon the widespread “culture of death”–symbolized by addictive junk food–that fosters diabetes in favor of a more natural, nurturing approach. The program renders insulin and related medicines unnecessary within four days as the blood sugar drops to normal levels; and the diabetic shifts into a non-diabetic physiology within two weeks. The third week focuses on live-food preparation, featuring 100 delicious raw recipes. Dr. Cousens emphasizes regular consultations, monitoring blood chemistries, and emotional support, and includes a one year support program to help maintain a diabetes-free life!

The Healing Synergy in Summary
In summary, a review of the results for reversing diabetes in 120 clients is that in NIDDM Type-2 diabetics, there’s a 61 percent cure rate in three weeks, which means 100 percent of people were off all medication and 61 percent had a blood sugar less than 100.

For IDDM Type-2s, 86 percent were off all medication and 24 percent were off all diabetic medications and had a blood sugar of less than 100 in three weeks. In total, 97 percent of all Type-2s were off all diabetic medication in three weeks. Ten percent of IDDM Type-1 diabetics and 31.4 percent of NIDDM Type-1 diabetics were medication free in three weeks. Sixty-nine percent of NIDDM Type-1 diabetics were able to reduce their medication intake by an average of 70 percent. After the three-week cycle, the percentages of those cured increased for all types of diabetic conditions, the longer patients stayed on the diet. As I’ve attempted to explain, there is a multifaceted, holistic synergy of reasons for these extraordinary results in the 120 people. This basic healing synergy (in order of probable importance) is as follow:

1. The avoidance of all carbohydrates except leafy greens, non-starchy and fibrous vegetables, sprouts, and sea vegetables in the diet. This included the avoidance of all grains, all sorts of sugars, white sugar, white flour, sweets, and sweeteners (except for stevia and birch-tree, natural xylitol). This is a 35–45 percent carbohydrate, slightly ketogenic diet. This moderate-low carbohydrate diet either significantly decreased
and/or seemed to heal both insulin resistance and leptin resistance, which are the two
driving hormonal imbalances in diabetes, and also helped to ameliorate or heal the metabolic syndrome of prediabetic state.

2. The power of a 100 percent live-food, plant-source-only, organic diet in the healing of diabetes

3. An anti-inflammatory live-food diet in decreasing the metabolic para-inflammatory condition. The use of live food decreased the para-inflammation by as much as fivefold in three to four weeks. The use of Culture of Life Intenzyme, which is a high potency proteolytic enzyme to decrease inflammation, peri-ductal scaring, and beta cell scaring and destruction, also aided in healing.

4. Significant weight loss, on the 35–45 percent carbohydrate diet, of an average of slightly more than 18 pounds in 21 days, with some losing up to 25 pounds in 1 week
and 46 pounds in 3 weeks. In JAMA (2007), Stanford research produced the A–Z
weight-loss diet. They showed that a high-fat, moderate-low-carbohydrate diet was superior to the Dean Ornish low-fat diet. These Stanford researchers made a very interesting statement: “Many concerns have been expressed that low-carbohydrate weight loss diet, high in total saturated fats, will adversely affect blood levels and cardiovascular risk. These concerns have not been unsubstantiated in previous weight loss studies.” This is exactly what I found in my study with 120 people. In fact, as I point out in my study, I saw a 24 percent drop in total cholesterol and also a drop in
LDLs by 54 percent. This JAMA 2007 research makes me feel very comfortable that the diet that I’m suggesting to reverse and/or cure Type-2 diabetes also raises HDLs, lowers triglycerides, lowers LDLs, improves circulation, and helps the LDLs in Type-1 diabetes become larger and more fluffy, therefore actually lowering the risk of heart attack and decreasing the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, which is prediabetic syndrome.

5. A plant-source-only diet, as described in Genesis 1:29, itself had an important effect, as highlighted by the 12-study meta-analysis of 1,259,000 people that showed a 35–50 percent smaller risk for vegetarians versus omnivores for developing diabetics.

6. The use of all organic food, which minimizes negative effects of pesticides and herbicides and heavy metals on insulin resistance and pancreas function

7. Moderate exercise

8. In a sense, it’s a sleeper! People need to get adequate sleep. People who had nights without enough sleep, or minimal sleep, had blood sugars go up, even in one night.

There’s correlation between lack of sleep and increased FBS. I noticed it in myself as well. My FBS is usually in the low 80s and increased after several nights of limited hours sleeping by as much as 10 points.

9. The healing effects of meditation

10. Individualizing the diet type and phase type for optimal healing effects and long-term 90-percent compliance. In Phase 1.0, I recommend using approximately 25–45 percent calories from fat, approximately 35–45 percent from carbohydrates, and 10 --
25 percent protein in a live-food, plant-source-only diet (dependent upon individual constitution) for three months of confirmed healing. I then recommend Phase 1.5, an 80–100 percent live-food, plant-source-only maintenance diet with 40–50 percent carbohydrates, including some grains, beans, and low-glycemic fruit but no junk or processed foods, white flour, white sugar, or trans fats.
11. The overall holistic effect of a 25–45-percent fat-intake diet, including a drop in total cholesterol to a safe, cardio-protective, mentally protective level of 159, and a cardio-protective triglyceride count of 82. The use of all fats except for trans fats creates an excellent macronutrient balance for minimizing carbohydrate intake and finding the
best protein intake for repairing and rebuilding the tissues and enzyme replacement. The global long-term risks associated with a low-fat diet far outweigh any theorized and unsubstantiated scientifically potential benefits of a low-fat diet.

12. Loving yourself enough to want to heal yourself and the use of a psycho-spiritual approach to activate this.

As I look at the overall clinical picture in the last 120 patients, my final thoughts are that the Dr. Cousens’s Diabetes Recovery Program—A Holistic Approach has become a way of life in which people feel healthier and happier on every level of their lives. The Dr. Cousens Diabetes Recovery Program—A Holistic Approach gives the most efficacious results ever recorded in the literature at this time. It is my intention to
apply this program to at least two hundred Type-2 diabetics while using much more rigorous monitoring in a full scientific research paradigm. After this, I am considering doing a study with Type-1 diabetics.
The data collected from 120 participants (in this second edition) are certainly more significant than the data collected from 11 participants (in the first edition). I feel that there is enough data and that the issue is important enough, given the pandemic nature of diabetes, to release my results at this time. I do so with an awareness that much more research is needed to validate this theory and the results.

The big question is the human question: Can people sustain themselves in the Culture of Life with a high degree of success? With highly motivated people there is a high success rate, but as this is applied to a pandemic level in many cultures and economic realities, I am looking very closely at support programs that will be desirable and thus successful for all circumstances. This will require a lot of creativity to apply this logical, common-sense breakthrough to national cultures worldwide, as I am now doing in Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico; with migrant farm workers in the United States; with some Native Americans; and in Israel, to a limited extent. It is one thing to develop a successful health program in a volunteer clinical setting like the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center but something else to create a program that is feasible for all on a national basis.

The Culture of Death and corresponding diet causes diabetes and leads people to a place where they feel at a point of no return once CDDS manifests as Type-2 diabetes
and the negative epigenetic and genetic programs have been activated. The sensible and important awareness is that there is always the potential of a return. Paracelsus said, “No physician can ever say that any disease is incurable. To say so blasphemes God, blasphemes Nature, and depreciates the great architect of Creation. The disease does not exist, regardless of how terrible it may be, for which God has not provided the corresponding cure.”

In this context, the current so-called normal standard American diet is immoderate and detrimental, as it directly contributes to the manifestation of diabetes. Previous “moderate” diets have been shown to ameliorate and control diabetes to a limited degree. The dramatic changes that result from my program do not come as the results of practicing the conventional moderation approach of the Culture of Death, which in essence is a way of making denial seem reasonable in this case. To make this kind of significant change requires a lifestyle and diet that is dramatically and excitingly different, resulting in powerful results in a short period of time. This requires leading a life of love, purpose, meaning, and self-value, and choosing a diet and lifestyle that reflect these values. This is the diet and lifestyle being taught in my program.

The essential question that is asked of participants is, Do you love yourself enough to want to heal; and potentially add 10 to 19 healthy years to your life? The results revealed in this book, for those who have answered this question in the affirmative, show that the conventional paradigm for diabetes—as labeled by the ADA
and most medical schools as incurable—is a self-defeating myth. In all fairness, the conventional paradigm also teaches that proper diet and exercise help slow the progression of this “incurable” disease, but those adhering to the conventional paradigm do not offer the proper diet and intensity to do the job. I have activated a new paradigm that previous research has pointed toward by taking the next logical step, going deeper into the underlying causes by seeing diabetes as a symptom of the Culture of Death.

By the Culture of Death, I am talking about a culture founded on predatory competition in which people are economic commodities. The focus is on wealth for the few versus health for the many. It is a culture of separateness, domination, and resulting exploitation. In this culture, people have lost their soul connection and life purpose. This is connected to the approximate 80 percent obesity rate in diabetics, for as previously stated, there is never enough food for a hungry soul. The Culture of Death spawns a food environment characterized by the heavy marketing of excitotoxin-rich processed junk foods that are high in white sugar, white flour with alloxan, and refined carbohydrates, and the heavy use of cooked animal fats and hydrogenated trans fats, agrochemical-laden foods, and heavy-metal toxicity. These characteristics combine to result in a negative synergy that has precipitated Type-2 diabetes at pandemic levels, compared with its relative rarity before 1940. This is not an accident—the Culture of Death diet is an active and thoughtless Crime Against Wisdom.
The Culture of Life manifests as cooperation, health, harmony, and compassion, combined with production of healthy, natural, organic foods that preserve soil and minimize the pollution of both people and planet. The Culture of Life helps us reconnect to our heart and soul in a way that brings the presence of light, love, and the divine back into the core of our human experience. Instead of a “moderate” diet, the Culture of Life cuisine is a common-sense diet of low-glycemic, moderate-low high-quality carbohydrate, low-insulin-index foods that are organic, high in minerals, hydrating, and live, with no animal, hydrogenated, or trans fats, 25–45 percent high EFA plant-based fats, high fiber, 10–25 percent plant-source protein, and thoughtful food intake.
The healing of diabetes at the pandemic level requires the healing of the ecology of the planet and the consciousness of the people. To heal oneself requires the ability to love oneself enough to have the intention to reconnect with the Culture of Life, which is our birthright. In that way, one performs an act of love for oneself as an individual person and as part of the living planet. This results in the healing of the planet and all species. The healing of diabetes in this context is an act of love, compassion, and consciousness.

Gardner, C D, Kiazand, A, Alhassan, S, Kim, S, Stafford, R S, Balise, R R, Kraemer, H C, and King, A C. “Comparison of the Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and LEARN diets for change in weight and related risk factors among overweight premenopausal
women:The A to Z Weight Loss Study: A Randomized Trial.” JAMA, 2007, 297(9):
969–77, doi:10.1001/jama.297.9.969.

There Is a Cure for Diabetes

Diabetes has become a seemingly unstoppable national epidemic, affecting more than twenty million Americans. Conventional wisdom calls it incurable, but renowned Dr. Gabriel Cousens counters that claim with this breakthrough book. There Is a Cure for Diabetes lays out a three-week plan for reversing the negative genetic expression of diabetes to a physiology of health and well-being. Dr. Cousens’s method, widely tested at his famous Tree of Life centers, is to reset the DNA through green juice fasting and a 100% organic, nutrient-dense, vegan, low-glycemic, low-insulin-scoring, and high-mineral diet of living foods in the first twenty-one days. Both practical and inspirational, the book explains how to abandon the widespread “culture of death”–symbolized by addictive junk food–that fosters diabetes in favor of a more natural, nurturing approach.

The program renders insulin and related medicines unnecessary within four days as the blood sugar drops to normal levels; and the diabetic shifts into a non-diabetic physiology within two weeks.

The third week focuses on live-food preparation, featuring 100 delicious raw recipes. Dr. Cousens emphasizes regular consultations, monitoring blood chemistries, and emotional support, and includes a one-year support program to help maintain a diabetes-free life.

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There Is a Cure for Diabetes, Revised Edition: The 21-Day+ Holistic Recovery Program Paperback – April 9, 2013
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Cells are the basic units of life

Principal structures of an animal cellCytoplasm surrounds the cell’s specialized structures, or organelles. Ribosomes, the sites of protein synthesis, are found free in the cytoplasm or attached to the endoplasmic reticulum, through which materials are transported throughout the cell. Energy needed by the cell is released by the mitochondria. The Golgi complex, stacks of flattened sacs, processes and packages materials to be released from the cell in secretory vesicles. Digestive enzymes are contained in lysosomes. Peroxisomes contain enzymes that detoxify dangerous substances. The centrosome contains the centrioles, which play a role in cell division. The microvilli are fingerlike extensions found on certain cells. Cilia, hairlike structures that extend from the surface of many cells, can create movement of surrounding fluid. The nuclear envelope, a double membrane surrounding the nucleus, contains pores that control the movement of substances into and out of the nucleoplasm. Chromatin, a combination of DNA and proteins that coil into chromosomes, makes up much of the nucleoplasm. The dense nucleolus is the site of ribosome production.

  Cell system: Cell, in biology, the basic membrane-bound unit that contains the fundamental molecules of life and of which all living things are composed. A single cell is often a complete organism in itself, such as a bacterium or yeast. Other cells acquire specialized functions as they mature. These cells cooperate with other specialized cells and become the building blocks of large multicellular organisms, such as animals and humans. Although cells are much larger than atoms, they are still very small. The smallest known cells are a group of tiny bacteria called mycoplasmas; some of these single-celled organisms are spheres about ...

Human body: Human anatomy and physiology are treated in many different articles. For detailed discussions of specific tissues, organs, and systems, see human blood; cardiovascular system; digestive system, human; endocrine system, human; renal system; skin; human muscle system; nervous system; reproductive system, human; respiration, human; sensory reception, human; skeletal system, human. For a description of how the body develops, from conception through old age, see aging; growth; prenatal development 
Vintage anatomy charts of the human body showing the skeletal and muscle systems.
Biology, study of living things and their vital processes. The field deals with all the physicochemical aspects of life. The modern tendency toward cross-disciplinary research and the unification of scientific knowledge and investigation from different fields has resulted in significant overlap of the field of biology with other scientific disciplines. Modern principles of other fields—chemistry, medicine, and physics, for example—are integrated with those of biology in areas such as biochemistry, biomedicine, and biophysics.
Biology is subdivided into separate branches for convenience of study, though all the subdivisions are interrelated by basic principles.
Bacteria, singular bacterium, any of a group of microscopic single-celled organisms that live in enormous numbers in almost every environment on Earth, from deep-sea vents to deep below Earth’s surface to the digestive tracts of humans.Bacteria lack a membrane-bound nucleus and other internal structures and are therefore ranked among the unicellular life-forms called prokaryotes. Prokaryotes are the dominant living creatures on Earth, having been present for perhaps three-quarters of Earth history and having adapted to almost all available ecological habitats. As a group, they display exceedingly diverse metabolic capabilities and can use almost any organic compound.
Mycoplasma, any bacterium in the genus Mycoplasma. The name mycoplasma has also been used to denote any species in the class mollicutes or any genus in the order Mycoplasmatales. Mycoplasmas are among the smallest of bacterial organisms. The cell varies from a spherical or pear shape (0.3 to 0.8 micrometres [0.0000117 to 0.0000312 inch]) to that of a slender branched filament (up to 150 micrometres [0.00585 inch]). Mycoplasma species are mostly facultatively anaerobic, colonial microorganisms that lack cell walls. Mycoplasma species are parasites of joints and the mucous membranes lining the respiratory, genital, or digestive tracts of ruminants, carnivores, rodents...
Blood, fluid that transports oxygen and nutrients to the cells and carries away carbon dioxide and other waste products. Technically, blood is a transport liquid pumped by the heart (or an equivalent structure) to all parts of the body, after which it is returned to the heart to repeat the process. Blood is both a tissue and a fluid. It is a tissue because it is a collection of similar specialized cells that serve particular functions. These cells are suspended in a liquid matrix (plasma), which makes the blood a fluid. If blood flow ceases, death will occur . (Details study click here)
Human cardiovascular system, organ system that conveys blood through vessels to and from all parts of the body, carrying nutrients and oxygen to tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes. It is a closed tubular system in which the blood is propelled by a muscular heart. Two circuits, the pulmonary and the systemic, consist of arterial, capillary, and venous components.
The primary function of the heart is to serve as a muscular pump propelling blood into and through vessels to and from all parts of the body. The arteries, which receive this blood at high pressure and velocity
Human digestive system, the system used in the human body for the process of digestion. The human digestive system consists primarily of the digestive tract, or the series of structures and organs through which food and liquids pass during their processing into forms absorbable into the bloodstream. The system also consists of the structures through which wastes pass in the process of elimination and other organs that contribute juices necessary for the digestive process.



EFT is a form of psychological acupuncture that uses light tapping with your fingertips instead of inserting needles to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points. The tapping on these designated points on the face and body is combined with verbalizing the identified problem (or target) followed by a general affirmation phrase. Combining these ingredients of the EFT technique balances the energy system and appears to relieve psychological stress and physiological pain. Restoring the balance of the energy system allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities. EFT is safe, easy to apply, and is non-invasive.



Over the years, I have developed dozens of EFT tapping exercises for attracting abundance, and I am presenting them together here for the first time in print. The EFT exercises are designed to target the specific blocks you may have to receiving abundance in your life. Whether you are searching for an increase in financial wealth, more vibrant health or deeper and more fulfilling relationships, EFT and the Abundance Games will help you reach your goals.

Here is how you will perform the exercises. Each EFT tapping exercise will consist of a SETUP STATEMENT, followed by two ROUNDS of tapping the sequence of 8 EFT points. ROUND #1 focuses on the problem by repeating the negative reminder phrase while ROUND #2 focuses on the solution by verbalizing preferences, choices, and possible alternative outcomes.


Choose a target for EFT --- an emotion, a block, a belief, or an abundance issue.

Scale the intensity of the feeling, belief or abundance issue being addressed on the Intensity Scale of 0-10 (where 0=no discomfort and 10=strong discomfort), or just make a note of how you feel.

Tap the karate chop point (see diagram) on either one of your hands continuously while repeating the entire SETUP STATEMENT listed for each abundance issue. (The SETUP STATEMENT combines the target and an affirmation. An example of a SETUP STATEMENT might be "Even though I have these money blocks, I deeply and completely accept myself.")


Starting at the eyebrow point, begin tapping each point in the sequence of 8 points (see below) approximately 7 - 10 times while repeating the negative reminder phrase provided for each issue.

 1.Eyebrow

2. Side of Eye

 3.Under Eye

 4.Under Nose

 5.Chin

 6.Collarbone

  7.Under Arm

 8.Top of Head

This directs your mind to focus on the negative thought patterns that block your ability to attract abundance and allows EFT to neutralize them.

There are 8 positive phrases provided for each abundance issue.

Starting at the eyebrow point again, tap each point approximately 7-10 times while repeating a different phrase for each of the 8 tapping points indicated.

This allows you to install what you would prefer to experience emotionally in your thought patterns and in your life.

Complete each exercise with a slow deep breath to help move the energy through your body.

Image result for EFT tapping points diagram

The Intensity Scale is a scale of measurement from 0-10, where 0= no discomfort at all, and 10= an incredibly high rating of emotional discomfort about the issue you have identified (targeted) to work on with EFT.

You can also measure the "truth" of a limiting belief or expectation with this scale. EFT practitioners take the measurement before and after completing one or more rounds of EFT. You could also call the scale of measurement the "Upset Chart" or the "Truth Meter." It doesn’t matter what you call it, the point is that using the Intensity Scale helps you track your progress when doing EFT.

The reason it is important to track your progress is that oftentimes it is easy to "forget" how terrible the original problem felt to you, and you may not give much weight to your newfound relief after using EFT. It can be difficult to notice the absence of something unpleasant, and using the Intensity Scale will help you see the "before and after" results. Also, using the Intensity Scale helps you identify which pieces or players in your "story" you need to work on – just mention them out loud and measure the intensity from 0-10.

Not everyone uses the 0-10 point Intensity Scale when doing EFT. However, it’s a great way to measure your progress so you can decide whether to move on to a new issue or whether you need to tap more on your original feeling or event you targeted.

The Intensity Scale can be used to measure a variety of responses:

How true does the belief feel from 0-10?

How intense is your discomfort from 0-10?

How true does this statement feel to you on the 0-10 point scale?

How upset do you feel about this?

How much do you want this?

How anxious are you?

Using the 0-10 point scale before starting a round of EFT will let you know how much this issue or past event truly bothers you now. I always ask my clients to measure their number on the scale from their gut feeling, not from an intellectual perspective. Sometimes people will answer, "Well I know I shouldn’t feel this way because we all deserve success..." However, it’s important to be clear: I want to hear how high or low the actual feeling and rating is on the scale, not the "should" or "shouldn’t."

So we take a measurement before and after each round of EFT. This will tell us the following information:

Are you tuned into the issue?

Are you noticing emotional improvement?

Are you getting distracted by other aspects of the problem?

Is the SETUP STATEMENT on target for you?

So, for example, suppose you don’t believe you deserve success of any kind. I would ask you to (1) repeat the sentence out loud, and then (2) measure the "truth" of it on the 0-10 point Intensity Scale.

~ I don’t believe I deserve success ______ (0-10)

After tapping for a few rounds on "I don’t believe I deserve success" measure how true this statement feels to you now. It is highly likely the "truth" of this statement will have dropped on the measurement scale. However, what is more important is to identify whether any specific events have surfaced for you that support this belief. Some possibilities are below:

The time my coach said I didn’t deserve to be on the team…

The time my father said I didn’t deserve to be successful…

The time the teacher said I didn’t deserve success…

Take each of these specific events and measure the intensity of the emotional charge when you think about them. This will give you more specific targets for EFT. Measure before and after your tapping.


When using EFT, identifying and collapsing the emotional charge you feel from past, specific events that are contributing to your current concerns will greatly enhance your overall success. Our current feeling states, moods and levels of stress are formed by emotional responses and subsequent chemical reactions to specific events in our lives.

These events and chemical reactions are stored in our cellular, physical and emotional memories, and when something in the present day looks or feels similar to the old event, we react again as if we have encountered the original event.

When someone tells me EFT isn’t working on them, I immediately suspect that their EFT statements have been too global and too general to collapse the negative charge they feel in their mind and body about whichever target they have chosen.

For example, when someone tells me they have been tapping on "low self-esteem" I know they will not be progressing very far with EFT. While the person may indeed have low self-esteem, the topic is too general a target for EFT to yield satisfactory results.

If you want to work on what you refer to as your low self-esteem, it would be helpful to break this issue down into smaller, more specific bits of information. For instance:
How do you know you have low self-esteem?

Who taught you that you weren’t worthy?

What did he/she say to you to make you think you weren’t deserving?

When was the first time you heard or believed you didn’t measure up?

What exactly did "they" say to you?

What specific event can you remember that taught you about your worth?

The answers to all of these questions will provide more specific, emotionally-laden targets for your EFT tapping exercises to clear your low self-esteem.

Other themes and questions that may help you to identify specific events that have contributed to some of your limiting beliefs about attracting success and abundance are as follows:

Why don’t you feel safe becoming more successful?

What feels safe about staying where you are?


Who will you be if you change?

How will they react to you if you change?

Fear of Change

What else might happen in your life?

What happened the last time you changed?

Fear of Success

What are you afraid of?

Why is success not safe for you?

What is the downside of getting what you want?

What is the upside of staying exactly where you are?

If you could do it again…

Who would you like to omit from your life?

What events stand out in your memory the most?

When were you the most unhappy, the most scared?


Getting more specific by identifying the best target for EFT will help you make more significant progress when using EFT to clear the emotional issues that are blocking your abundance. Try answering the questions and filling in the blanks below:

The subject of the story with the most emotion:

When you think of your childhood or more recent times, what subject matter has the most "charge" on it for you? This will be the target for your tapping.

When you think of high school, which friend or classmate triggers the most intensity in your gut?

When you think of your family, who stands out as the one who scared you? Betrayed you? Misunderstood you?

When you say particular words, which ones give you what feels like an electrical charge in your body? These will be the targets for your tapping. For example, repeat these words and measure the "charge" on them:











Fill in the blanks:

My least favorite emotion is ________.

My least favorite family member is ________.

My worst memory from grade school is ________.

My worst memory from high school is ________.

The person who hurt me the most is ________.

The person I trust the least is ________.

The person who betrayed me the most was ________.

The family member who never understood me is ________.

The time I experienced the most injustice was ________.

The words, names and feelings you filled in to these blanks will lead you to effective tapping targets with EFT.

EFT founder Gary Craig devised some wonderful techniques to help those of us using EFT to identify specific events without flooding ourselves with too many uncomfortable emotions. One of my favorite techniques is the Tell The Story Technique.

Choose a story that gives you a significant "charge" on the 0-10 point Intensity Scale. Tell the story out loud to yourself, a friend or counselor, and tap continuously while you tell the story. There’s no need to stop and devise SETUP STATEMENTS, no need to check numbers or choose targets, just tell the story and tap while you tell it. (You may need to do this several times before noticing that thinking about the original story and telling it out loud doesn’t create any discomfort.)

As you tell your story, you will notice that certain parts or scenes from the story will feel more emotionally charged than others at different times. As you collapse one "aspect" after another, you will be able to tell the entire story, start to finish, without any emotional discomfort.

This sample EFT exercise will lead you through a typical EFT treatment round. It includes the following steps:






Repeat out loud, "I feel anxious about all my expenses." On the 0-10 point Intensity Scale, how true does this feel?

(While tapping on your karate chop point on either hand, repeat the following Setup Statement 3 times.)

Even though I feel anxious about all my expenses, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Now tap
the sequence of points while repeating the NEGATIVE REMINDER PHRASE, "I feel anxious about all my expenses."

ROUND #1: Negative Reminder Phrase
(Repeat the following reminder phrase while tapping the sequence of 8 points.)

I feel anxious about all my expenses.

Now that you have completed one full round of EFT, repeat the phrase out loud again: "I feel anxious about all my expenses" and measure how true it feels NOW (after one round of tapping) on the 0-10 point Intensity Scale. Hopefully, the level of anxiety about the topic of money will have decreased. If not, continue with one or two more "negative" rounds until your Intensity Scale rating has dropped.

Then perform ROUND #2 with positive words reflecting your desired outcome. Repeat a different phrase for each of the 8 tapping points indicated, from the eyebrow to the top of the head.

ROUND #2: Positive Phrases

(eyebrow) I love knowing I can feel calm about money…

(side of eye) I choose to feel relaxed even though I have these expenses…

(under eye) It feels so right to be free of this anxiety…

(under nose) I appreciate how much I have changed…

(chin) I love knowing I resolved this conflict…

(collarbone) I choose to release this anxiety now…

(under arm) It feels so right to be calm about my expenses…

(head) I love appreciating what I have.