Saturday, January 21, 2017

Know If You’re Saying Affirmations Right?

Affirmations are a great way to literally change your mind.

Through repetition, any statement becomes a belief. If you heard “you’re such a good girl” when you were growing up but your sister heard, “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” then those repeated phrases became part of your individual belief systems.

And just as you picked up negative beliefs about yourself, you can override them by using affirmations and so create new empowering beliefs.

Many people use affirmations, but many also do it wrong.

How can you tell? The best way is to check your feelings. How do you feel when you say an affirmation? Do you feel good and confident? Do you believe it? Or, do you feel like you’re telling yourself a big fat lie?

If an affirmation feels like a lie, it’s most likely because you’re making one or both of these mistakes that people make on their affirmations. But never fear, you can fix them easily:

1. The use of ‘don’t’ and ‘not’

For example, you might say “I am not afraid” or “I don’t worry about money.” The problem here is that your brain thinks in pictures. There is no visual representation of negatives – no street sign style of red slash through a word, because there is no word, only a picture. So when you say “I am not afraid” your brain can only create two images based on that statement: ‘you’ and ‘afraid’. When put together, all your brain sees is, ‘I am afraid’. The same goes for “I don’t worry.” Your brain puts together a mental image of you, and a mental image of the act of worrying and a mental image of money. That equals you, worrying about money.

Get it?

Here’s how to fix that: ONLY focus on WHAT YOU WANT. Instead of “I am afraid,” say “I am confident” or “I am relaxed.”

2. The unintended use of fear-based emotions of lack. When you say affirmations about wealth and you’re currently experiencing a state of poverty, you may believe that you are telling yourself a lie because inside, you certainly don’t feel abundant. Your affirmation is infused with fear – lack – and thus your brain creates the association between money and “not having” and any statement to the contrary gets filtered out by your belief that you don’t have money.

Here’s how to fix it: only say affirmations of GRATITUDE and pile your desires and needs right in there with the experiences, people and things you appreciate that are already in your life: for example, say “I am grateful for my health and for making a comfortable living doing what I love.” Or, “I am so thankful for my creativity and for a partner who I can share my life with.”

This does two things: first, gratitude makes you feel good; and second, you don’t feel lack when you think about things you already have, so lumping the thing you want in there, is a very powerful signal to the brain that this thing (or person or experience) is ALREADY part of your life – and then, remarkably, you’ll take the kinds of actions necessary to bring it about, with no resistance, because your brain cannot distinguish between ‘reality’ and ‘imagination’. A picture/feeling is a picture/feeling, regardless of whether it came from your senses or from your imagination.

Remember that it takes time for any “I am” statement to “stick.” It’s taken you years and years to develop a belief about yourself, and it’s not going to change overnight! But – stick with it, infuse your affirmations with positivity and gratitude, and you will soon start to see the effects of your new thinking!

Your Vibration With an Attitude of Gratitude!

Have you ever noticed that happy people show gratitude when good things come to them AND when “bad” things come to them? I have put “bad” in quotes – read on and you’ll see why!

What is True Gratitude?

True gratitude is an interesting concept. It’s easy to be grateful for life’s little goodies and delights. But feeling gratitude for struggles, pain, sorrows, screw-ups and hardships, well, that takes a lot of courage. It means that you courageously come to the realization that you are the creator of your life experience and that everything that happened to you has occurred in alignment with your vibration. It also means that you have courageously accepted that everything that happens in your life does so for a reason, and that is to help you evolve.

It’s been said that we learn more from our mistakes and failures than we do from our successes. That’s so true! But it’s more than just learning how not to do things next time! Each difficulty you face is a giant flashing neon sign that screams, “WARNING – LOW VIBRATION!” When you can appreciate this incredible gift, then you can take full ownership of your life and begin consciously creating instead of unconsciously creating.

I encourage you re-read the previous paragraph and fully take in the meaning of how wonderfully transformative adversity can be!

And then, start applying gratitude to your life. Anytime you find yourself in a difficult, emotional or seemingly hopeless situation, be thankful. You have been brought a gift of awareness – “the vibration that created this was too low, and that vibration created this situation.” It’s very liberating to know that whatever thoughts you put out there, eventually come back to you in physical manifestation – liberating because you’re no longer a victim of circumstance, you are an all-powerful creator!

Your Role as Creator Consider the word “circumstance.” The literal meaning is, “stands around” meaning that you are the center, and everything created by your thought energy and vibration, stands in an endless circle around you. So look around at your life: your health, wealth, relationships, spiritual development, fun, purpose… how’s the view? Do you like what you see? Do you like some of what you see and not other aspects? Even if you don’t like what you see, give yourself credit for being a creator – and now that you know you’re a creator, you can shift your focus to creating what you want, instead of believing that you have no power! Now, imagine yourself as the center of a golden, infinite circle of life experiences, situations and people that are positive, happy, abundant and wonderful. YOU have the power to create this infinite golden circle! Look the the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit for help. Your guides and angels are there for you, to help point you in the right direction…

It’s really exciting to know you have this power, isn’t it? To reverse any downward trends or free yourself from any rut, you can take charge of your life by raising your vibration with gratitude. The Internet contains many wonderful ways to raise your vibration and gratitude is one of the most powerful.

Reversing Trends

Imagine for example that you’re in a struggling relationship. Emotions are high, you’re both moody and communication is difficult. Things can go from bad to worse quickly but you can reverse the downward spiral just by planting a seed of gratitude. Give thanks for becoming a more compassionate listener. Be grateful for your developing ability to see things from your partner’s perspective. Change may happen overnight, or take longer, depending on the level of emotions and yours/your partner’s vibration. The more gratitude you can project at your partner, the more you will influence his/her own vibration and create an upward spiral. Of course you also need to back up your gratitude with words and actions – but imagine how different the ‘vibe’ will be between the two of you if you start looking for the good instead of the bad!

The more you can be grateful for events and circumstances in your life (past, present and future) the more you embody the principle of “believing is seeing” which is the essence of being a conscious creator. You stop focusing on the problem, and you become grateful for the lessons. You stop fearing the future, knowing that your thoughts and your vibration creates it – and those are two things you control 100%! Instead of “things are happening to me” you’ll KNOW that you are “happening to things.”

It takes a while to get used to having this power but don’t delay, you have nothing but abundance, happiness and inner peace to lose!

Start your day with gratitude. Give thanks for the things you take for granted like the air you breathe… and always, always end your day with gratitude for the miracles that occurred, for the gifts you have received (either the delightful gifts or the lessons/signposts). If you express your heartfelt gratitude every day, you will be blown away by the results, which will not be long in coming. End the day with gratitude.

Next time you’re in a difficult situation and you can’t see anything to be grateful for,  journal about it later. Start writing about it from a perspective of gratitude. Be grateful for the adversity. Say thanks for the ugly, the frightening, the bad, the difficult, the bittersweet, the absurd… everything. We don’t always see the lessons in adversity until much later – but adopting an attitude of gratitude helps those lessons come to light much quicker. Start writing and don’t stop until you see the miracle in each difficulty. See the silver lining and the lessons. Your outer reality corresponds to your inner reality; gratitude makes the inner reality so, so much more beautiful and miraculous. That radiates outward and your outer reality will inevitably change for the better!

Adopt an attitude of gratitude today, raise your vibration and change your life!

 Control Your Emotions in Any Situation

If you’ve ever blown your top, flown off the handle, lost it or stewed about anything, you know how you felt afterward. No matter who was at fault, no matter the outcome, you are still left with a very unpleasant feeling because of the outburst. And if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a tantrum, you aren’t left feeling exactly happy either.

If you’ve ever had a thought that brought about sadness or anger, and you kept thinking that thought, you know how you can spiral down into depression really, really fast. It can be the smallest trigger. Unchecked, the thoughts and emotions can absolutely destroy any good mood you may have been in. Over time this can become so common that it seems normal. Just ask anyone going through a divorce or grieving the loss of a loved one – after a while, crying becomes part of who you are and it’s a tough place to escape.

If you’ve ever worried about something you know how stressed and anxious it makes you feel. It can be hard to let go of the temptation to obsess about a problem like a dog gnawing on a bone. It’s so easy to let your mind just run with it – but the thoughts and emotions feed on themselves becoming stronger and stronger until they consume you.

Losing your temper, sinking into depression and worrying all contribute to an unhappy life. They cause even more stress, they ruin your health, you don’t have a moment’s peace from your emotions and your whole outlook on life can sour.

Don’t forget, too, that negative emotions have a very strong effect on your personal vibration! People pick up on it subconsciously, and you’ll have a harder time keeping friends, closing deals and functioning normally in society if your vibration is very low.

How to Control Your Emotions

Reversing a downward spiral takes a bit of effort, and a little time. But you can do it. All the effort you put into controlling emotions will give you a sunnier outlook on life and teach you that you have a choice to feel good… or not.

You can take charge and control your emotions by following these simple steps.

1. Smile

2. Meditate

3. Give it a minute and a half

4. Do what you love

Smile. There is something absolutely magical about a smile. Try this for yourself – next time you are feeling blue, or red-hot with anger, SMILE. That’s all. Just force a smile onto your face. Did you know it’s physiologically impossible to have bad feelings if you are smiling? I realize it sounds a bit silly but seriously, try it. It really works. If you wake up sad, stressed or angry, smile at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning. Just stand there and smile at yourself. Make yourself do it even if you don’t want to. Hold that smile until it’s genuine. Hold that smile until… You know what will happen? You’re going to burst out laughing whether you want to or not! ANY time you feel bad, just smile. A smile that is genuine lights you up. It’s a physical action so in harmony with Love that it can’t help but make you feel better! 

Meditate. Meditation helps you control your emotions because it takes your focus away from them. It’s not denial – it’s a shift of focus. If you insist on being grumpy, you can always return to being grumpy when you’re done meditating. But why would you? Feeling good is so much nicer! Sometimes the best way to accomplish something is to do nothing. In this case, just ‘being’ is enough to shift your mood. You can do a quick meditation anytime you need to calm yourself. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for as long as it takes you to calm down. Feel the inhale and exhale; count your breaths if you like. Do whatever it takes to keep your focus on your breath and off the situation at hand. That’s all there is to it! This little time out will give you time to gather your thoughts and perhaps see the situation in a different light. Say these four phrases "I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you" to the spirit within you, slowly, and meditate on these ten words as you repeat them as you inhale and exhale gently.

Give it a minute and a half. When a negative emotion hits you, be aware that it takes just 90 seconds for it to pass through your system. From the time your limbic system generates the emotion to the time that chemical reaction dissipates, is a minute and a half. IF you simply feel the emotion – and DO NOT get involved in the thought that generated it by repeating “I feel (angry, sad, etc.)” - it will pass and you’ll regain your equilibrium. Don’t say “I AM (angry, sad, etc.).” You are not your emotions! Try that, next time you have a sad or upsetting thought. Repeat to yourself how you are feeling but don’t allow yourself to stray from that focus. Don’t think about what made you upset. Feel the feeling and let it go.

Pretty cool stuff! Of course you want to hop on the bus of happy thoughts – you can never get too much of feeling good! Just avoid the ones that make you feel bad. Let the feeling pass and turn your thoughts to something more pleasing.

Do what you love! When you’re immersed in some activity you’re passionate about, and you’re really focused on what you’re doing, you can’t feel bad. You just can’t. Doing what you love uplifts you in so many ways! Do it, and do it often. You’ll be generally happier and more able to cope with life’s monkey wrenches when your life is meaningful and when you are doing what you love.

Emotions can rule your life or you can control them. It’s worthwhile learning to control them, just so you can respond rationally in tough situations, and not allow your thoughts to drag you down into despair and depression. It’s a much lovelier life when you’re in control!

Are you satisfied with your ability to attract or manifest?

Seminars. Classes. Hatha Yoga. Transcendental Meditation. Article after article. Hours of listening to a personal growth guru talk, talk, and talk.

Chances are you’ve tried one of these or maybe even all of them.

Maybe they’ve helped. You’ve attracted some of the things you want in life, but if you’re like 99% of the rest of the world you have plenty more goals you want to accomplish, tons more wealth to be created and a lot more joy to be had.

Perhaps you’ve invested your money, but are waiting on returns.

Maybe you have a car, but not the one you wanted.

Maybe you’ve got a great job, but it’s not your dream career.

Perhaps your healthy, but you’re not as fit as you want to be.

In other words, you’re stuck in a manifesting rut. You’ve hit a level that may be above average, but it is not nearly where you want to be or know you can be.

The reason for this is not because you haven’t worked hard enough or you haven’t attended enough seminars, and it’s not that you haven’t tried enough things.

It’s because you haven’t tried raising your vibration.

I’ll say that again because it’s so important. You haven’t tried raising your vibration. The sole reason why you are where you are is because you’re vibrating at the average human level of 207 on a scale that reaches 1000.

Even at the tiniest level, Quantum Mechanics has discovered that atoms and sub-atoms are in fact composed of packets of energy. Now, leading research on human consciousness is showing that this energy vibrates on a Scale.

The Vibration Scale operates on the discovery that each human emotion has a vibration in the exact same way that matter does.

Heavy emotions like Fear, Anger or Shame vibrate at low frequencies. But feelings like Love, Joy and Peace vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies.

One of the most interesting things discovered about energy is that your energetic frequency can affect the energetic frequencies of those around you. For example, one person operating at a level of 500, which is Love, can lift 750,000 other people to the level above 200.

Further supporting evidence, done by many other researchers and Universities, shows that it’s not just other people you can affect with your vibration… but also other objects and even your reality!

DID YOU KNOW Your Energetic Frequency Influences the Reality Around You?

Numerous other studies have shown that a conscious or sentient being, like a person, can change what happens to another object by affecting that object’s energy. Dr. William Braud’s research is one such study with very compelling evidence.

Dr. Braud and his colleagues at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio designed and conducted some of the most ingenious and rigorous “bio-PK” experiments (“Bio-PK” is the study of how psychokinesis affects other biological organisms).

One of Dr. Braud’s many experiments showed that people could slow down the rate that red blood cells die in a lab dish. Though the effect was small, the results proved significant beyond chance and were replicable by other scientists. This proved that our thoughts and energy directly affects the things around us!

A Simple Shift in Your Energetic Frequency Can Have an Instant and

Dramatic Impact On EVERY Aspect of Your Life

You see, it’s not just other biological organisms that people’s energetic frequency can affect. People can also positively or negatively affect the energy of objects. A stone in the room of a negative person for example, vibrates lower on the Scale than say a stone that is in the room of a Zen Master.

Another fascinating research study that shows evidence of people affecting the energy of objects, is the famous one done by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

In his spectacular study, Dr. Emoto took water and exposed it to different objects and environments. What he did was project a thought onto a glass of water, or put the water next to a specific object. Then the water was frozen and the resulting water crystals were observed under the microscope.

Amazingly, when a glass of water had a piece of paper with a written word of high energetic frequency like “Love” stuck to it, the water crystals formed beautiful patterns that were pure in color and in perfect symmetry.

Your life is the same.

After all, your body is made up of mostly water. It is involved in every bodily function, and makes up 70- 75% of your total body weight. Your thoughts are having a direct influence on your body. This we know, but the larger picture is that your thoughts are having a direct influence on everything in your life. What do you think happens to you when your thoughts and energy are primarily set to those of Love or Above?

Yes, your vibrational frequency will attract emotions and physical manifestations of things that vibrate at the same frequency.

If your energetic frequency is low, you’ll be attracting into your life disruption and difficulties.

But if you shift your energetic frequency to higher levels, you’ll start attracting a life that serves you, one aligned with your true, whole self. Life will suddenly become so much easier—and you—so much happier.

Now, while we still don’t have the specifics of how this works, the important thing is that the evidence clearly shows that it does work. Just knowing how to shift your energetic frequency to harness this power into your life is what really matters.

Here’s a shocking fact. If Enlightenment is at a level of 1,000 The average human only vibrates at 20% of that.

Vibrating at 20% is just the beginning. Like I said earlier, this is the level where a person reaches an awareness that their thoughts and actions influence their reality. However, there is still much more to go before you can become an instant attractor of your desires.

Historical figure like Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Abraham Lincoln operate at 70%

The most important level of consciousness is at the 500 level, which I have called “Living from Love or Above”. This includes vibrating from Love (50%), Peace & Compassion (60%) and everything else above towards higher consciousness. Once a person opens their awareness to this level, they’ll begin to experience an entirely different life.

Does it come as a surprise to you then, that the average human being is vibrating at 20% of their full potential? Is it any surprise that millions of people around the world don’t know how to get out of feeling stressed, anxious, sad, and fearful… leaving them unable to move forward toward truth and fulfillment?

The Choice Is Yours: Do You Want To Become
A Magnet For Your Desires Today?

The real truth is, it’s so easy for anyone to change their lives if they simply choose to connect to their true purpose and raise their vibrational frequency. Believe me, I’ve done over 20,000 
personal consultations, and I’ve seen some spectacular changes in people when they simply choose to vibrate at higher frequencies.

That’s why it’s my highest joy to help people raise their vibrational frequency to “Love or Above”. I’m really happy that you’re here with me today, and I’m as excited to be able to reach out to you as you are excited to discover how you can easily shift your energetic frequency.

Shifting to vibrations of Love , Joy, Peace & Compassion, Enlightenment and beyond isn’t just an exercise for the mind, it is a total life shift that engages the HEART and the SPIRIT.


Victory and fulfillment are two wonderful words and since we realize that words and thoughts are a form of radio activity, we carefully choose the words we wish to see crystallized.

Life is a crossword puzzle, the right word gives you the answer. Many people are rattling off destructive words in their conversation. We hear them say: I'm broke! I'm sick! Remember by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned. You are condemned by them because they do not return void. Change your words and you change your world, for your word is your world. You choose your food and the world is now calorie conscious. People no longer eat buckwheat cakes, beefsteak, potatoes, pie and three cups of coffee for breakfast. To keep down weight they eat dry toast and orange juice. This is tremendous discipline, but they are working for results. Why not try a diet of the right words —for you are literally eating your words. That is the value of the affirmation. You are deliberately building up a constructive idea in your consciousness. Your consciousness may be crammed and jammed with destructive ideas, but continually making a statement of Truth, will dissolve these negative thought-forms. These thought-forms have been built up from your own vain imaginings. Perhaps as a child you were taught that life was hard, happiness fleeting, and that the world was cold and unfriendly. These ideas were impressed upon your subconscious, and you found things just as they were predicted. With a knowledge of Truth all these external pictures may be changed, for they are only pictures, which change as your subconscious beliefs change.

When I tell people about the power of the word, and that words and thoughts are a form of radio activity and do not return void, they say: "Oh, is it as easy as that?" Many people like things difficult and hard to understand. I believe that was the reason the amazingly simple teachings of Jesus Christ were forgotten after a few hundred years. People build up creeds and ceremonies which they only half understand. Now, in this twentieth century, the secret things are being revealed and we are again having primitive Christianity.

"Ask, believing, thou shalt receive!" We know that our beliefs or expectancies are impressed upon the subconscious and carried out. We might say, if you ask, not believing, you will not receive. Faith creates expectancy.

This Infinite Intelligence upon which man draws his supply is called, by Jesus Christ, "Your Heavenly Father." The Father within, He described as a kind, loving parent desirous of pouring all good things upon His children. "Fear not, little flock, 'tis your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom." He taught that God's law was simply a law of love and good-will. "Love your neighbor as yourself' —"Do unto others as you would be done by." Any violation of the law of love causes a short circuit. "The way of the transgressor is hard." God is immutable law— "I am the Lord (law), I change not."

Divine ideas are immutable, not subject to change. What wonderful words —"Immutable -- not subject to change."

A woman came to me filled with fears and forebodings. She said for years she had been pursued by the fear that even if she should receive the desire of her heart, something would happen to spoil it. I gave her the statement: "The Divine Plan of your life is a perfect idea in Divine Mind, incorruptible and indestructible, and cannot be spoiled in any way." A great load was lifted from her consciousness. For the first time in years she had a feeling of joy and freedom. Know the Truth and the Truth gives you a sense of freedom, soon then comes the actual freedom on the external.

This Supreme Intelligence is what man becomes one with when he speaks the word. This Supreme Intelligence awaits man's direction, but It must have right of way, It must not be limited.

Divine Activity in your body brings health. There is only one disease—congestion, and one cure—circulation. Congestion and stagnation are the same thing. People say they "have got into a rut." A new idea will take them out of a rut. We must get out of the rut of negative thinking.

The word enthusiasm in the dictionary is defined, "to be inspired or possessed by a god." Enthusiasm is divine fire and kindles enthusiasm in others. To be a good salesman you must be enthusiastic about the articles you are selling. If you are bored with your business or uninterested, the fires go out, and no one else will be interested.

A woman came to me for success in business. She said, "I have a shop but it is usually empty. I do not bother to open it until late in the day, what's the use?" I replied, "There is indeed no use so long as you feel the way you do. You are keeping people away. Become enthusiastic over what you have to sell. Be enthusiastic about yourself. Be enthusiastic about the God-power within you, and get up early to open your shop and be ready for the big crowd."

By this time she was all wound up with divine expectancy. She dashed down to her shop as early as possible and people were waiting outside and poured in all day.

People often say to me, "Treat my business." I say, "No, I will treat you, for YOU are your business." Your quality of thought penetrates every article for sale and all the conditions connected with it. Jesus Christ was divinely enthusiastic about the message He had to bring to the Father within each man. He was enthusiastic about faith. He told the people that whatsoever they "ask in His name" would be given them. It was a message of asking and receiving. He told them just how to comply with spiritual law. "Ask, believing, thou shalt receive." "When ye pray believe ye have it." "Why are ye fearful, oh, ye of little faith?"

After two thousand years His divine fire is rekindled in the consciousness of all Truth students. We are having a Christian renaissance, a new birth, a revival of Christianity. He taught a universal principle, without creed or ceremony. We see members of all religions, denominations, coming into this Truth movement. It does not take them away from their churches. In fact, many clergymen are now teaching what the metaphysicians are teaching; for Jesus Christ is the greatest of all metaphysicians, because He proved His principles and brought miracles to pass. He sent forth His disciples, "To preach the Gospel and heal the sick." For about three hundred years His message survived, then His divine fire was lost and the words, "Be thou healed," were no longer spoken. Creed and ceremony took their place. Now we see people flocking to these Truth Centres to be healed, blessed and prospered. They have learned to "Pray aright," and have understanding faith.

A woman told me of an answered prayer. Her son wrote her that he was going to southern California on a business trip in his car. She read in the morning paper of a flood, and she immediately spoke the word for divine protection. She had a great feeling of security, she knew he would be protected. She soon heard from him, saying some business had interfered with his leaving, so he was detained. If he had left when he had expected, he would have been in the flood district.

We become divinely enthusiastic about our answered prayers, which we call "demonstrations," for it means that we have demonstrated the truth and have been set free from some limitation.

The 24th Psalm is one of the most enthusiastic of the many Psalms of praise and thanksgiving.

"Lift up your heads, oh ye gates and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle."

The gates and doors symbolize man's consciousness. As you are lifted up in consciousness, you contact the super-conscious, the God within, and the King of glory comes in. This King of glory lifts your burdens and fights your battles, solves your problems.

The average person has a difficult time LETTING the King of glory come in. Doubt, fear and apprehension keep the doors and gates locked against your good.

A student told me of a situation which she attracted by negative thinking. She had been invited to a gathering of old and valued friends. It was of the utmost importance for her to be there. She was so anxious to go, she said to herself repeatedly, "Oh, I hope nothing happens to interfere." The day of the reception arrived and she awoke with a terrific headache. At one time she had been subject to these headaches, going to bed for several days, but she had not had one for many years. Her doubts and fears had attracted this disappointment. She called me up and said, "Will you please speak the word that I will be well by evening to go to the reception?" I replied, "Why, of course, nothing can interfere with God's perfect plan." So, I spoke the word. Later, she told me of her miracle. She said in spite of the way she felt, she prepared to go. She cleaned her jewelry, got her dress ready to wear, and attended to every detail, though she felt scarcely able to move. Very late in the afternoon, she said she had a peculiar sensation as of a fog lifting in her consciousness, and she was perfectly well. She went to the reception and had a wonderful time. I believe that the healing might have come more quickly had she not said, "I want to be well by tonight." We are continually limiting ourselves by our words, so not until night was she perfectly well. "By your word you are justified and by your word you are condemned."

I knew a man who was the centre of attraction wherever he went, because he was always enthusiastic about something. Whether it was about shoes, clothes or a haircut, he enthused others into buying the same things. He did not gain anything material by it, he was just naturally enthusiastic. Someone has said, "If you want to be interesting to others, be interested in something." An interested person is an enthusiastic person. We often hear people say: "Do tell me what you're interested in."

Many people are without vital interests and are hungry to hear what other people are doing. They are usually the ones who keep the radio turned on from early morning till late at night. They must be entertained every minute. Their own affairs do not hold enough interest.

A woman once said to me: "I love other people's affairs." She lived on gossip. Her conversation consisted of, "I was told," "I was given to understand," or "I heard." It is needless to say she is now paying her Karmic debt. A great unhappiness has overtaken her and everyone knows about her affairs. It is dangerous to neglect your own affairs and to take an idle curiosity in what others are doing. We should all be busily engaged in perfecting ourselves, but take a kindly interest in others. Make the most of your disappointments by transmuting them into happy surprises. Transmute all failure into success. Transmute all unforgiveness into forgiveness; all injustice into justice. You will be kept busy enough perfecting your own life, you won't have time to run other people's affairs.

Jesus Christ aroused the enthusiasm of the multitudes by performing miracles, healing the sick and raising the dead. "And a great multitude followed Him because they saw His miracles which He did for them that were diseased." As we read this we feel the enthusiasm of the multitudes, which surrounded Him. With Him all things were possible, for He knew that He and the Father were, indeed, one.

With divine enthusiasm I bless what I have, and look with wonder at their increase. 




"Why are ye fearful, 0 ye of little faith?"

All through the Bible man is told not to be afraid. Fear is man's only enemy. It is faith turned upsidedown. Jesus Christ said, "Why are ye fearful, 0 ye of little faith?" If you can only believe, all things are possible. Linked with God- power, man is invincible. The story of Jehosophat is the story of the individual. So often he seems outnumbered by adverse appearances but he hears the same voice of the Infinite saying: "Be not afraid or dismayed by reason of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God's." Jehosophat and his army were even told that they would not need to fight the battle. "Set yourselves, stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord," for the battle was God's not theirs. Jehosophat appointed singers unto the Lord to praise the beauty of holiness as they went out before the army, saying; "Praise the Lord for His mercy endureth forever." When they came toward the watchtower in the wilderness they looked toward the multitude and behold, they were dead. The enemy had destroyed itself. There was nothing to fight. The Bible is talking about states of consciousness. Your enemies are your doubts and fears, your criticisms and your resentments. Every negative thought is an enemy. You may be outnumbered by adverse appearances, but be not afraid or dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours but God's.

As we follow closely the story of Jehosophat, we see he advanced making an affirmation: "Praise the Lord, His mercy endureth forever." He had nothing to say about the enemy or his own lack of strength. He was giving the Lord his full attention, and when he commenced to sing and praise, the Lord placed ambushments against his enemies and they were smitten. When you make your statements of Truth your enemy thoughts are vanquished, dissolved and dissipated, therefore, all adverse appearances disappear. When Jehosophat and his army came toward the watchtower in the wilderness, they looked into the multitude and behold they were dead. The watchtower in the wilderness is your high state of consciousness, your fearless faith, your place of safety. There you rise above all adverse conditions, and God's battle is won.

"When Jehosophat and his people came to take away the spoils of the enemy, they found among them both riches and precious jewels, more than they could carry away, and they were three days in gathering of the spoil, it was so much." That means, when you let God fight the battle for you, great blessings come out of every adverse situation. "For thy God will turn the curse into a blessing, for the Lord thy God loveth thee." The ingenuity of the Spirit is amazing. It is pure intelligence and brooks no interference with its plans. It is very difficult for the average person to "stand still," which means, keep your poise, and let Infinite Intelligence run the situation. People like to rush into the battle and try to manage things themselves, which brings defeat and failure. "Ye shall not need to fight in this battle; set yourselves, stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord with you. Tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord will be with you." That means, not to run away from the situation, walk up fearlessly and face the lion on your pathway, and the lion turns into an airedale. The lion takes his fierceness from your fear. A great poet has said "Courage has genius, magic and power in it.

Daniel was unafraid and the lions' mouths were closed. King Darius called to Daniel while he was yet in the lions' den, asking him if God could save him from the lions, and Daniel answered, "0! King live forever! My God hath sent His angels and shut the lions' mouths that they have not hurt me." We have in this story the subdued attitude of the lions as a result of Spiritual power; the entire group changed from ferocity to docility, and Daniel looking away from the beasts to the Light and Might of Spirit, which saved him completely from the lions. Scarcely a day passes without some sort of lion appearing on man's pathway, the lions of lack, limitation, fear, injustice, dread or forebodings. Immediately walk up to the situation of which you are afraid. If you run away from it, it will always be right at your heels.

Many people lose the things they prize or love because they are continually fearing their loss. They do everything possible on the external to insure protection, but back of it all is the devastating picture of fear. In order to hold the things you prize and love, you must know that they are Divinely protected, therefore, nothing can harm them. I give the example of a woman who was very fond of a man who was good-looking and popular with women. She decided to prevent his meeting one particular woman of her acquaintance because she was sure the woman would make every effort to "cut her out," to use a slang expression. One evening she went to the theatre and there he was with the woman. They had met at a card party. Her fears had actually attracted the situation. I knew a woman who had seven children. She knew they were all Divinely protected and they all grew up safe and sound. One day a neighbor rushed in and said, "You had better call your children, they are all climbing up and down trees— they are going to kill themselves!" My friend replied, "0 they're only playing tree-tag. Don't look at them and nothing will happen." Like Daniel she turned her back to the situation and let God take care of it.

The average person is a resenter, a resister, or a regretter. They resent people they know and people they don't know. They resist everything from daylight saving up. They regret what they did or what they didn't do. It is very wearing to be with these people. They exhaust all their friends. It is because they are not living in the wonderful NOW and are losing all the tricks in the game of life.

It is heaven to be unafraid and to live fully in the NOW; that is, to be fearless in using what we have, knowing back of us is the abundance of the spheres to draw upon. We know that fearless faith and the spoken word release this supply. The power of the word was known in Egypt thousands of years ago.

We read in the Bible, "Behold I make all things new!" By our words of Truth we can make new our minds, bodies and affairs. When all fear is obliterated we live magic lives. Like Jehosophat we go forward fearlessly singing: "Praise the Lord, His mercy endureth forever." In our watchtower of high consciousness, we stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

Christianity is founded on faith. Faith gives one a sublime assurance of one's good. One may be surrounded by adverse appearances, but this sublime assurance impresses the subconscious mind, and a way opens for the manifestation of health, wealth and happiness. There is an endless, invisible supply for every man. "Before we called we were answered." This supply is waiting to be released by faith and the spoken word. We find that Jesus Christ taught an exact science.

At the World's Fair there was a panorama of New York City in the Edison Building. At dusk when the city was being lighted up the buildings showed a myriad of lights; the man explaining the exhibit said: "The city is lighted by the power of electricity at the turn of a switch— the turn of a hand." Edison was the man who had faith in the laws of electricity. He knew what could be done with it if it were harnessed and directed. It seemed to have intelligence of its own. He created a dynamo through which it would work, after years of patience and loving absorption in his work. Now this power lights the world, for it is harnessed and directed.

Jesus Christ taught man to harness and direct thought. He knew that fear was as dangerous as uncontrolled electrical forces. Words and thoughts must be handled with wisdom and understanding. The imagination is man's workshop, and an imagination running wild and building up fear pictures, is just about as safe as riding a bucking broncho.

We were born and brought up in an age of doubt and fear. We were told that the age of miracles was over and to expect the worst. An optimistic person was laughed at. A bright remark was — "A pessimist is a person who lives with an optimist." "Eat the speckled apples first," was thought the height of wisdom. They did not seem to realize that by following this advice they would never catch up with the good apples, for they would be speckled too by the time they were reached.

What a beautiful world this would be if all anxiety and fear were blotted out. These twins, anxiety and worry, have made men slaves and are destroyers of health, wealth and happiness. 

There is only one way of getting rid of fear—and that is, to transmute it into faith; for fear is the opposite of faith. "Why are ye fearful, 0 ye of little faith?" These words ring down through the centuries. Jesus Christ taught that the Father within man could be absolutely trusted to guide, protect and provide when man believes it possible. Jesus Christ demonstrated this God-power over and over again in order to convince his followers. Out of the invisible supply He brought the loaves and fishes; He raised the dead; and took money from the fishes' mouths. He told them, "Greater things shall ye do, for I am going."

We know he was teaching an exact science, the science of mind, the power of thought and the power of the word. We must have faith, for faith registers the idea in the subconscious mind. When an idea is once registered in the subconscious, it must objectify. That is the reason Jesus Christ told people that if they believed (which is having faith), all things were possible. How are we to get rid of this anxiety, which we might call "anti-faith"? The only way to neutralize it is to walk up to the thing you are afraid of.

There was a man who had lost all his money. He was living in very poor quarters and all the people around him were poor and he was afraid to spend the little he had. All he had was about five dollars. He had tried to get work but everyone had turned him down. He awoke one morning to face another day of lack and disappointment, when the idea (or hunch) came to him to go to the horse show. It took about all he had but he was fired with the idea of being with rich and successful people again. He was tired of his limited surroundings. He fearlessly spent the money for a ticket to the Horse Show. There he met an old friend, who said: "Hello Jim,! Where have you been all this time?" Before the Show was over the old friend gave him a wonderful position in his firm. His hunch and fearless attitude toward money had put him in a new vibration of success.

Form the habit of making giant swings into faith. You will receive marvellous returns.

As has already been noted, we look with amazement at the people in the circus performing their remarkable feats. These people have the faith that they can perform these acts, and see themselves doing them. You cannot accomplish anything you cannot see yourself accomplishing. These difficult feats are all a matter of poise and balance. Your success and happiness depend upon your poise and balance. Trusting God is like walking a slack wire. Doubt and fear cause you to lose your balance and fall off into lack and limitation. Like the circus performer —it takes practice. No matter how many times you fail, try it again. Soon you will acquire the habit of poise and balance. Then the world is yours. You will walk joyfully into your kingdom. The circus performers all seem to love their work, no matter how difficult. The band plays, the people applaud and they smile, but remember they were trained without the music and applause.

Rhythm, harmony and balance are the keys to success and happiness. When you are out of rhythm you are out of luck.

In the fourth chapter of Philippians we read: "Be careful (or anxious) for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplications, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God." This is certainly a wonderful arrangement, all in favor of man. Man, free from worry and fear, asks with thanksgiving, and his good is given him.


All through the Bible we are told not to be anxious, not to be fearful, not to hoard or save, because an invincible, invisible power is at man's command to supply every need. But we were told that it would not work unless we believed in it. "If thou canst believe in this God Power, all things are then possible." It is difficult for man to believe in this power, because he has had a right training in unbelief. "I'll believe only what I can see," was supposed to be the height of wisdom. We lived in a world of externals, where we thought everything "just happened." We did not know that back of every happening was a cause, that we, ourselves, started in motion the machinery which produced good or evil in our pathway.

We did not know that words and thoughts are a form of dynamite, and should be handled carefully, with wisdom and understanding. We hurled out into the ethers, words of anger, resentment or self-pity, then wondered why life was so hard.

Why not experiment with faith; trust this invisible God-Power and "In nothing be anxious," but "In everything by prayer and thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God." Could anything be more simple or direct? Anxiety and habit have become habits. The old thought- forms you have built up in the subconscious, hang on like barnacles on an ocean liner. But the ocean liner is put in drydock once in a while to have the barnacles scraped off, so, your mental barnacles will have to go through the same process. The drydock is a big situation.

I know of a woman who had been a coward all her life, particulary about finances. She worried all the time about money. She came into this Truth, realized how she had limited herself, and suddenly made the giant swing into faith. She commenced to trust God and not the external for her supply. She followed her intuitive leads about spending. If any of her clothes made her feel poor, she would discard them at once, getting something new to make her feel rich. She had very little money, but gave one-tenth (a tithe) to good works. She was winding herself up into a new vibration. Very soon, things commenced to change on the external. A woman, on whom she had no claim, who was merely an old friend of her family, left her a thousand dollars. A few months later, another thousand came in. Then a big door opened for her supply and many thousands came in. She had tapped her invisible supply from the Bank of the Universal. She had looked to God only for her supply, then the channels opened. The point I am bringing out is, that she had lost all anxiety about money matters. She had established in her subconscious, the firm conviction, that her supply came from God, and it never failed.

Man is an instrument for Infinite Intelligence to work through. It will express through him as success, happiness, abundance, health and perfect self-expression, unless fear and anxiety make a short circuit.

If we want examples of fearless faith, go to the circus! The circus people perform seemingly impossible feats because they think they can, and see themselves doing it. Faith means that you can see yourself receiving all these things that you desire. "I will give to thee the land that thou seest."

You can never do a thing you cannot see yourself doing, or fill a place you cannot see yourself filling—not visualizing, making a mental picture (this is a mental process and often brings wrong and limited results); it must be a spiritual realization, a feeling that you are already there; be in its vibration.

I was very much impressed with the story of a great football player who was the greatest all- round athlete in the world, who trained in a hammock. One day he was lying there drowsing in the sun and the trainer came up to him with tears streaming down his face and said; "Jim, for the love of Mike and your country, won't you get up and out of that hammock and do something?" Jim opened one eye and said; "I was just thinking about that. I was going to send for you." "Good," said the trainer. "What do you want me to do?" "First," said Jim, "I want you to mark off twenty- five feet there on the ground." The trainer did so. "Then what?" said the trainer. "That's all," said Jim, and he closed his eyes and swung happily. After at least five minutes he opened them and looked at the marks for a few seconds and then closed his eyes again. "What's the idea?" yelled the trainer. "What are you doing?" Jim looked at him reproachfully and replied: "I'm practicing the broad jump." He did all his training in a hammock: seeing himself doing the broad jump.

Without the vision my people perish, in lack and limitation. You may work very hard on the external and accomplish nothing, if you are without vision. Vision means to see clearly where you are going. To keep your eye on the goal. All men who have accomplished big things have done this.

James J. Hill, who built the Great Northern Railroad, said before a rail was laid, he heard with his inner ear the rumble of the trains and whistle of the engines. He had many obstacles to overcome, but his vision was so clear, it possessed him. One thing in his favor was that his wife believed in him. It is said that it takes two to make a dream come true.

Henry Ford, speaking of his mother-in-law said she was a fine woman, "She believed in me."

"When two of you agree, it shall be done." If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. As you believe in yourself and the God-power within, fear and anxiety drop away. You establish the vibration of assurance. This is true of an intuitive person. Every move is made under Divine guidance and he never violates a "hunch," therefore, he is always in his right place at the right time. However, it often takes great courage to follow intuition. It takes a Viking, who is unafraid, to sail in unknown seas. Claude Bragdon says: "To live intuitively is to live fourth-dimensionally." The magic path leads you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. It is invaluable in business.

Never submit a hunch to someone on the reasoning plane. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear their intuitive leads, and give instant obedience.

"Whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee." This is true of each one. But if we have not received all the blessings of life, we have neglected to ask, or have not "asked aright." The Bible is teaching spiritual law and we must study and use it from every angle in order to set the great machinery of asking and receiving in motion. Every machine must be greased and oiled to be kept in good working order. Active faith and expectancy keep the machine of asking and receiving in perfect order. The following are some of the lubricants which keep it working. "When ye pray, believe ye have it." "In nothing be anxious." "Stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord." "Do not limit the Holy One of Israel." Realization is manifestation.

 Pray with praise and thanksgiving. Some people pray filled with anger and resentment. A woman wrote to me the other day saying: "I have just had a good talk with God and I told Him just what He ought to do about it." She was in the habit of ordering people around and looked upon God as someone she could bully into doing something for her. God is the Supreme Intelligence within each one of us and we are the channels for It to express Itself. We must be non-resistant, poised and peaceful, expecting our good to come to pass. We are the receivers, God is the Giver, and He must create His own channels. We find there is quite an art in praying aright. God must have right of way, His way, not your way. The moment you make your demand Infinite Intelligence knows the way of fulfillment. If you decide how your prayer shall be answered, you have blocked the divinely designed channel. Then you are apt to say: "I never have my prayers answered." We must acquire a technique and send out a sincere desire, which is a prayer. We are free from all clutch or anxiety when we say: "If this is according to the divine plan, we will receive it, if not, give us its equivalent." Be careful not to force anything not divinely planned.

We must know, that linked with God-power, nothing can defeat us. "God's ways are ingenious, His methods are sure."

Two of the most beautiful Psalms are the twenty-third and the one hundred and twenty-first. Both give one a feeling of absolute security and were written by a man who had experienced the working of spiritual law.

The God within protects, guides and provides when fully trusted. Most people lose what they love most through fear of loss; they take every precaution on the external, not trusting the protection to the "Eye which watches over Israel." Put whatever you love under the law of divine protection.

The most important part of demonstrating is showing fearless faith. "I will go before thee and make the crooked places straight! I will break in pieces the gates of brass and cut in sunder the bars of iron." The Bible is talking about states of consciousness. "The gates of brass" and "bars of iron," are your doubts, fears, resentments and anxieties. The gates of brass and bars of iron are of our own making and come from our own vain imaginings, a belief in evil. There is a story of a herd of wild elephants: they were corralled in an enclosure but the men had no way of keeping them in, so they dug stakes and put a rope all around the enclosure. The elephants thought they could not get out. They could have just walked over the rope and stepped out but they had the illusion that the rope kept them in. This is the way with people: doubt and fear is a rope stretched around their consciousness. It makes it impossible for them to walk out into clear thinking.

Clear vision is like a man with a compass; he knows where he is going. Let intuition be your compass and it will always get you out of the woods. Even a man without a compass, led by intuition, would find his way out of the jungle, or be able to steer a ship at sea. Intuition will tell you to walk over the rope. It is amazing how people have overlooked their most important faculty—intuition. Always on man's pathway is his message or lead. Often our leads seem trivial and silly. A person purely on the intellectual plane would dismiss them at once but the Truth student always has his spiritual ear to the spiritual ground, knowing he is receiving orders from the Infinite. The Bible speaks often of "the still small voice." It is a voice which is not an actual voice, though sometimes actual words are registered on the inner ear.

When we ask for guidance and lay aside the reasoning mind we are tapping the Universal supply of all knowledge; anything necessary for you to know will be revealed to you. Some people are naturally intuitive and are always in contact with Universal Intelligence, but by taking an affirmation we make a conscious contact. Prayer is telephoning to God, and intuition is God telephoning to you. Many people have a "busy wire" when God telephones and they don't get the message. Your wire is "busy" when you are discouraged, angry or resentful. You've heard the expression "I was so mad I couldn't see straight." We might add, "I was so mad I couldn't hear straight." Your negative emotions drown out the voice of intuition.

When you are discouraged, angry, or resentful, is the time to make a statement of Truth, in order to get out of the woods of despair and limitation, for "Whosoever calleth on the name of the Lord shall be delivered!" There is a way out — "Reveal to me the way."

We must stop planning, plotting and scheming and let Infinite Intelligence solve the problem in Its own way. God-power is subtle, silent and irresistible. It levels mountains and fills in valleys and knows no defeat! Our part is to prepare for our blessings and follow our intuitive leads.

We now give Infinite Intelligence right-of-way.


You have only one judge—your word. Jesus Christ said; "I say unto you that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment, for by thy word thou shalt be justified, and by thy word thou shalt be condemned."

Every day is a day of Judgment. We used to be taught that it would be at the end of the world. Look back in your life and see how you have attracted either happiness or disaster through your words. The subconscious has no sense of humor. People joke destructively about themselves and the subconscious takes it seriously. It is because the mental picture you make while speaking impresses the subconscious and works out on the external. A person who knows the power of the word becomes very careful of his conversation. He has only to watch the reaction of his words to know they do not return void. People make their worst mistakes by speaking while they are angry or resentful, because there is so much ill-feeling back of their words. Owing to the vibratory power of words, what you voice, you begin to attract. People who continually speak of disease, invariably attract disease.

Invisible forces are ever working for man, who is always pulling the strings himself, though he does not know it. We read in the Bible "life and death are in the power of the tongue." Yet most people are speaking destructively from morning until night. It is because they have formed a habit of criticism, condemnation and complaint and are eager to tell you of their misfortunes and how mean all their relatives are. They wear their friends out and people avoid them. They are talking themselves into a flock of troubles. Now that we know the power of the word why not take advantage of it? We take advantage of the radio, the telephone and aeroplanes but live with the Mound-builders in conversation.

Science and religion are now coming together. Science is discovering the power within the atom; metaphysics teaches the power within thoughts and words. We are dealing with dynamite when we deal with words. Think of the power of the word in healing! A word is spoken and a chemical change takes place in the body.

One of my friends was seriously ill. The doctor said she had chronic bronchitis and was on the verge of pneumonia. Her daughters and the doctor rushed her to bed and she had a nurse, but weeks passed and there was no improvement. She was a Truth student but for over a year had attended no meetings nor had she kept up her reading. One morning she telephoned me and said, "Please speak the word and get me out of this! I can't stand it any more; I'm not sick, I'm just disgusted. So much negative talk and thought have almost floored me." Through the spoken word and her affirmation of Truth immediately there was a change for the better. She had a strong hunch to go out and was told it would be dangerous, but by this time she was following Divine Guidance. She went out and called on me and said she was going to attend a luncheon the next day. What had happened? The words of Truth were making a change in her mind and a chemical change was taking place in her body. We are told that if we believe, never doubting, we can say to that mountain, "Be thou removed," and it would disappear into the sea.

The inexhaustible energy in man is released by good-will. A man free from fear, undisturbed by appearances, sending good-will to men and nations, could say to these mountains of hate and war; "Be thou removed" and they would return to their native nothingness.

Resentment and intolerance rob man of his power. We should have signs in the subways and shops "Watch your thoughts!" "Watch your words!"

Let us now be careful in directing this dynamic force within us. Let us direct it to heal, bless and prosper and direct it in waves of good to the whole world. It goes out a mighty force, but noiseless! Thought, the strongest power in the Universe is without sound. Your good-will sweeps all obstacles from your pathway and your heart's desire is released for you.

What is really yours? The answer is: "All that the kingdom affords is yours." Every righteous desire of the heart is promised you. There are three thousand promises in the Bible, but these gifts can come to us only if we can believe them possible, for everything comes through you—not to you. All life is vibration. Feel rich, and you attract riches. Feel successful and you become successful.

I knew of a small boy who was born in a little country town with no advantages, but he always felt successful; he had the conviction that when he grew up he would be a big artist. No one could discourage him because he was success; he had only success thoughts; he radiated success. At an early age he left the small town and went to a big city and to support himself he got a position as a newspaper artist on a daily paper, all this without previous preparation. It never occurred to him that it could not be done. He went to an art school and immediately became a shining light. He never studied in an academic way. Whatever he once saw he remembered. In a few years he went to a still larger city and became a well-known artist. This success came to him because he was always seeing success. "I will give to you the land that thou seeth."

The children of Israel were told that they could have all the land that they could see. The Bible is a metaphysical book and it is speaking to the individual. This minute, it says to each one of us, "I will give to you the land that thou seeth." So, what are you seeing with your inner eye? What pictures are you inviting into your life? The imaging faculty has been called the scissors of the mind. If you have failure thoughts, reverse the thought with a success thought. This sounds easy enough to do, but when a failure thought has become a habit, it takes eternal vigilance to dislodge it. That is when a powerful affirmation is needed. You cannot always control your thought but you can control your word, and eventually the word impresses the subconscious and wins out.

If you are in a negative state of mind just take the statement: "I look with wonder at that which is before me!" It creates an expectancy of something wonderful and something wonderful will come to you. Cultivate the feeling that miracles and wonders are coming to pass. Cultivate a success expectancy.

Very few people bring into life what is rightfully theirs. They live on the outskirts of their heart's desire. It always seems too good to be true. To the person spiritually awake nothing is too good to be true.

If you want to hear people talking who are still asleep in the Adamic dream, go to a hairdresser's establishment. The Adamic dream is the illusion of opposites. Adam fell into a deep sleep having eaten of the tree of illusion. Of course, Adam stands for generic man— the race-man. The race- man vainly imagined loss, lack, failure, sin, sickness and death. The awakened man knows only one power, God, and one condition, good. But now we will return to the beauty parlor. The following is an exact quotation and a good example of what one hears: A woman sat down near me and said in a loud voice, "This place is too warm! Turn something on or open something." The attendant said to her, "How are you feeling today, Mrs. S?" She replied with a heavy sigh, "Oh, I'm pretty well, but I have a hard time keeping well." To the manicurist she said, "Why don't you wear glasses?" The girl replied, "I don't need glasses, why should I wear them?" The woman replied, "Because everybody wears them. You'll find there is something wrong with your eyes if you have them examined." When she finally leaves they all feel limp and wonder if they are really well or only seem to be well. She leaves a trail of apprehension and gloom. This is a sample of what one hears from nearly every booth; the way most people talk. It is appalling when one knows the power of the word and what they are attracting, for they are nearly all describing illnesses or operations.

You combine with what you notice so do not describe anything destructive for you begin to combine with it. What is really yours? The blessings you bring to yourself, through your spoken or silent word; the things you see with your inner eye. Only your doubts, fears and resentments keep your good from you. If you hate or resent a situation, you have fastened it to you, for you attract what you fear or dislike. For example: someone has been unjust to you and you are filled with wrath and resentment. You cannot forgive that person. Time rolls on and another person does the same thing. It is because you have a picture of injustice engraved in your subconscious. History will repeat itself until you think you are cursed with misfortune and injustice. There is only one way to neutralize it. Be absolutely undisturbed by injustice and send good-will to all concerned. "My good-will is a strong tower round about me. I now transmute all enemies into friends, all inharmony into harmony, all injustice into justice." You will be amazed at the working of the law. One student brought harmony out of chaos in her business affairs by that statement.

Do not look back and hash over hard times, or you will be drawn back into these conditions. Give thanks for the dawn of a new day. You must be immune to all discouragement and adverse appearances.

All that you desire or require is already on your pathway, but you must be wide awake to your good to bring it into manifestation. After making statements of Truth you suddenly have a flash of realization. You suddenly feel yourself in a new environment. You feel old negative conditions falling away. I once said to a woman "The walls of lack and delay now crumble away, and you enter your promised land, under grace." She said she had a sudden flash of a wall crumbling away and that she stepped over it. Soon after that, the change came, and she really did enter her Promised Land of Plenty.

I knew a woman whose daughter's desire was a home and husband. In her early youth she had had a broken engagement. Whenever a possible marriage appeared on the horizon, she became frantic with fear and apprehension, picturing vividly another disappointment, and she had several. Her mother came to me to speak the word for her right marriage, Divinely designed, which could not be interfered with. During the interview the mother said continually: "Poor Nellie! Poor Nellie!" I said: "Do not call your daughter 'poor Nellie' again. You are helping her to be demagnetized. Call her 'Lucky Nellie,' `Fortunate Nellie, for you must have faith that God now gives to her the desires of her heart." The mother and daughter persisted in making their affirmations. She has now fulfilled her destiny for she is Mrs. Nellie, the demon of fear dissolved forever.

There are wonderful statements in the Bible referring to the breaking down of negative thought forms. "The power of the Spirit is mighty even unto the pulling down of strongholds." The human mind is helpless to cope with these negative thoughts. The victory is won by the God within, the superconscious mind.

"Brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and there be any praise, think on these things." Phil. 4 : 8.

If people obeyed this, general conversation would come to a standstill for a while, until people learned to talk about constructive things.


Peace be within thy walls and Prosperity within thy Palaces." In this statement from the 122nd Psalm we find that peace and prosperity go hand in hand. People who are manifesting the appearance of lack are in a state of fear and confusion. They are not wide-awake to their good and miss leads and opportunities. A peaceful person is a wide-awake person. He sees clearly and acts quickly. He never misses a trick.

I have seen people discordant and unhappy changed completely. I will give an example in order to prove the working of the law. A woman came to me in a state of abject sorrow. She looked the part. Her eyes were blurred from constant weeping. Her face was haggard and drawn. The man she loved had left her and she was certainly the most demagnetized creature I had ever seen. I noticed the shape of her face— large eyes, far apart and a pointed chin. For many years I was an artist and have got into the habit of looking at people from an artist's standpoint. As I looked at this forlorn creature, I thought, her face has the modeling of a Botticelli. I often see Rembrandts, Sir Joshua Reynolds, etc., in people I meet. I spoke the Word for this woman and gave her my book, The Game of Life and How to Play it. A week or two afterwards, in walked a very dashing person. Her eyes were beautiful and she was very pretty. I thought, her face has the modeling of a Botticelli. Suddenly I realized it was the same woman! She was happy and carefree! What had happened? Our talk and the book had brought her peace.

"Peace be within your walls!" Your "walls" are your consciousness. Jesus Christ emphasized peace and rest. "Come to me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest." He was speaking of the Christ within, your superconscious mind, where there are no burdens and no battles. The doubts and fears and negative pictures are in the subconscious. When I was returning from California some years ago, I came in an aeroplane. In the high altitudes I had a queer detached feeling. In that high altitude we are at peace with ourselves and with the whole world. In the high altitudes the fields are always white with the harvest. Only the emotions keep you from reaping your harvest of success, happiness and abundance. We read in the Bible "I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten." We might well paraphrase it and say, "I will restore to you the years the emotions have ruined." People are rocked with doubts and fears, bringing failure, unhappiness and dis-ease.

I read in a daily paper that the laws of the mind are being generally recognized and understood. It has been found that the fear of failure is the greatest of all fears, and at least seventy-five per cent of those examined psychologically have this failure fear. Of course, this may refer to failure of health, failure in business, finances, love, success, etc. Other important fears are fear of the dark, fear of being alone, fear of animals. Some people fear they will be misunderstood, while others fear they are losing mental control. Constant and continued fear affects the glands — interferes with digestion and is usually associated with distressing nervous symptoms. It robs the body of health and destroys happiness.

Fear is man's worst enemy for you attract what you fear. It is Faith turned upside down. It is really Faith in evil instead of good. "Why are ye fearful! Oh! Ye of little faith?" The fearless, unfettered mind attracts to itself all good. Whatever you desire or require is already on your pathway. "Before ye call I have answered."

Suppose we paraphrase the Scriptures and say: "Whatever you desire or require is already planted on your pathway." Often a new word will give you sudden realization. If you are in need of any information, it will be given you. A friend told me of this surprising working of the law. She was translating an old Italian manuscript on the life of an early Persian ruler. No books in English had been written on the subject. She wondered why the publishers were holding back its publication. One evening she was eating her dinner at the Automat. She fell into a conversation with a man at the same table. She told him of the work she was doing and of the translation of the early Italian manuscript. He suddenly volunteered the information; "You'll have a hard time getting it published because this Persian ruler's ideas conflict with the ideas of the present government." He was a student and scholar and knew more than she did on the subject. Her question was answered and at the Automat. Such information could, usually, be gleaned only in the archives of some public library. God works in unexpected places His wonders to perform. She had worried about it, but when she was peaceful and happy and unconcerned, the information sailed in over a calm sea.

"Our feet shall stand within thy gates, 0 Jerusalem." Jerusalem stands for peace and the feet for understanding. So understanding always brings us within the gates of peace. How can a person attain peace when his whole life is in a turmoil? By taking an affirmation. You cannot control your thought but you can control your words, and eventually the word wins out. Most people have attracted inharmonious conditions because they have been fighting their battles and carrying their burdens. We must learn to get out of God's way so that He can harmonize or adjust the situation. The word "harmonize" is a very good one, for I have seen crooked places made straight, and adjustments made, that no human mind could have thought of. All that the Kingdom affords is yours, if you will give Infinite Intelligence right of way, for it has already supplied a lavish supply for every demand. But It must be fully trusted. If you doubt or fear, you lose your contact with this Supreme Force. So if you are filled with doubts and fears, it is necessary to do something to show your faith. "Faith without works (or action) is dead." Active Faith impresses the subconscious with expectance and you keep your contact with Universal Intelligence. Just as Wall Street watches the market, we must watch our Faith market. Often the Faith market is down. Sometimes it goes down and down until a crash comes: some unhappy situation which we could have prevented. We realize we followed reason instead of intuition.

A woman told me how she had several definite leads not to follow a certain course. In spite of this she followed the reasoning mind and great unhappiness developed from it. Intuition is our unerring guide. Practice following it in little things, then you will trust it in big things. I have a friend who is very intuitive. She sometimes calls up and says: "I've just had a hunch to call you up so I thought I would find out what it is about." Invariably I have some mission for her.

We are indeed living magic lives — guided, protected and provided for. All fear would be banished forever with a realization of this amazing system the Universal has provided for man. He would be unmoved by adverse appearances, knowing as the early Hebrews knew, "that Jehovah goes before and every battle is won."

A friend told me a very interesting story. A man in the paper business in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has given away a thousand of my books to his employees. He went into business on a small capital and gave up cold judgment and reasoning. He has built up a twelve million dollar business by following leads and hunches. All his workers have a knowledge of metaphysical law.

Another man who built his business upon the law of giving and receiving met with the same amazing success. He came to Philadelphia with a little money and bought a magazine, an old publication. His desire was to give the people a great deal for a very small price. He believed in the law of giving. It proved to be one of the most popular magazines. He gave the public the best in the way of stories and illustrations and paid well for them. The more he gave, the more he received — millions poured in!! "Peace be within thy walls and prosperity within thy palaces!! Peace and prosperity go hand in hand. "Great peace have they that love Thy law and nothing shall offend them." This law is the law of non-resistance. "Resist not evil, overcome evil with good." Transmute all failure into success, lack into plenty, and discord into peace. 

change in form, nature, or substance.
"the raw material of his experience was transmuted into stories"

subject (base metals) to alchemical transmutation.
"the quest to transmute lead into gold"}